The U.S. presidential election is three weeks away, and the incumbent president Donald Trumpin the situation seems bad for re-election. The president himself has already voted by mail, although he has warned that postal voting will lead to fraud and deception.

The state of California is already developing a decent battle for postal votes between Democrats and Republicans. According to Der Spiegel, supporters of Trump’s own Republican Party have erected their own, illegal postal ballot boxes in front of gun shops, churches and gas stations in at least three counties.

The California Electoral Authority has given the party until Thursday to remove the illegal boxes. By law, only state election authorities have the right to erect official ballot boxes that are monitored.

The Republican Party must also notify the State of California of the names, addresses, and dates of birth of all individuals who have submitted their mail to Republican boxes. Otherwise, the perpetrators are threatened with prosecution for manipulating the election result.

Republicans have already stated their opposition to the authorities ’demands. They say they have just taken advantage of California’s Liberal Electoral Act, which allows anyone to collect ballot papers from voters and deliver them to the polling station.

The party has refused to say how many boxes and where it has erected.