Donald Trump was asked on Wednesday, September 23, if he will ensure a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the elections for a new term in the White House.

The president gave an answer that leaves many questions: “Well, we will have to see what happens,” say journalists CNN. In fact, Trump declined to say whether he would accept the election result and joked that he would remain in office for much longer than the two constitutional terms.

The president’s evasive response sparked a wave of reactions in the overseas political world. That’s why Republican senator leader Mitch McConnell wrote on a social network that the transfer will be a peaceful one, while another ally of the president, Lindsey Graham, said everything will be “peaceful.” hotnews.

“The winner of the November 3 elections will be inaugurated on January 20. It will be an orderly transition as it has always been, once every 4 years, since 1792 “, Mitch McConnell tweeted.

The US president’s reluctance to speak clearly about the power transition is based on his concerns about ballot papers sent by mail and voting via e-mail. “Ballots are a disaster,” said Donald Trump, referring to the electronic vote he suspects may be rigged.

Hillary Clinton immediately charged Trump’s intervention: “Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power is typical of the behavior of a desperate aspiring dictator. It’s pathetic. But because he is president, we must take his threat seriously. “

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