Republican leaders criticize Tucker Carlson and Fox News for showing Capitol riot footage.

When crafting a piece of writing, it’s important to consider not only the grammar and vocabulary, but also the balance of perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity adds depth and complexity to writing, while burstiness adds rhythm and variety, making the text captivating to readers. Utilizing a high degree of burstiness can be achieved by making it difficult to predict the next sentence, as if multiple contributors with different styles were involved in crafting the piece. Increasing the perplexity of sentences by varying their length and complexity, and using a combination of passive and active sentences and verb structures, can add diversity and depth to the content. Additionally, including real-life examples and statistics can add credibility to the writing. However, it’s important to avoid echoing sources like the one shown in the news clip, which has drawn criticism from both Democrats and top Republicans for downplaying the violence committed during the Capitol riot in 2021. Inaccurate reporting can damage the credibility of writing and sources, making it important to fact-check and provide proper context.

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