“Renegeron’s experimental cocktail is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen”

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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, affirmed this Friday that the experimental cocktail of the pharmaceutical Regeneron that they administered to him for COVID-19 is “The most incredible” that he has ever seen.

“It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen”, said the president in an interview with the popular radio program of the conservative journalist Rush Limbaugh.

“You know, I was not in the best physical shape. One day later I was fine, maybe not perfect but fine, but a couple of days later, I am now free (of coronavirus). You know, now I feel perfect, I’m not taking anything, you know, I’m out of the regimen they gave me but it was mainly this drug, “said Trump, who announced a week ago that he had contracted COVID-19.

For this reason, he pointed out that his Administration is going to send Regeneron’s experimental cocktail and that of the pharmaceutical Eli Lilly “to all hospitals” in the United States: “I’m going to get them approved really very fast, “he stressed.

And he continued: “It’s the most surprising thing, it’s not Remdesivir, it may help a little, but Remdesivir is not the same. This is so good, it killed the virus“.

At another point in the interview, the president assured that the cocktail they have given him is even better than the future vaccine.

Trump announced Thursday that he planned to organize a rally this Saturday in Florida and thus restart his campaign after his hospitalization and convalescence from COVID-19, which has not yet been confirmed by either the White House or his electoral team, although media outlets communication have indicated that possibly You cannot travel until at least Monday.

His doctor Sean Conley said Thursday that the president will be able to participate in public events this Saturday given its positive evolution.

Trump has shown no symptoms of COVID-19 since Tuesday after being hospitalized for the weekend after his diagnosis and suffering from fever, fatigue and at least two oxygen drops.

On Thursday the biotechnology company Regeneron, owner of the monoclonal antibody treatment that the president has received, asked the regulator for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States for emergency authorization for its therapy is available to the entire population.

Trump received an 8-gram dose of an antibody cocktail from Regeneron shortly after his positive was confirmed and despite its use was not authorized by the FDA.

In addition, he has been treated with the steroid Dexamethasone to compensate for the drops in blood oxygen saturation that he also suffered, and with the antiviral Remdesivir.

On Wednesday, the president announced in a video posted on Twitter that he wanted his treatment is available to all Americans.

According to the US network CNN, Regeneron’s co-founder and CEO, Leonard Schleifer, He has been a member of the Trump Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

The channel calculates in 450 million funds that Regeneron received as part of the operation Warp Speed (speed of light) that the Trump Administration has launched to promote the development and supply of treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus.



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