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Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey Jr. e Jude Law in the role of Holmes & Watson continues to be highly anticipated by fans, but the Warner Bros over the years he has postponed the project several times. The first Sherlock Holmes (2009) grossed $ 524 million worldwide for $ 90 million, while the latter Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) took home 543 million for 125 in cost. Let’s say that they were not figures comparable to those raked by the competitor Disney, but it was not even a flop, on the contrary. A third chapter that would be a must, especially now that Robert Downey Jr. has gotten rid of Tony Stark’s commitments to Marvel.

UPDATE OF 21-10-2020: According to director Dexter Fletcher, Sherlock Holmes 3 is suspended due to Covid.

Sherlock Holmes 3: what is the release date of the film with Robert Downey Jr.

In the first official announcement, arrived in May 2018, there was talk of December 2020, but in March 2019 Warner Bros changed their mind, moving the project forward by one year: the official date of the American release had become the December 22, 2021. According to director Dexter Fletcher, in 2020 everything is again in doubt due to the Covid pandemic, waiting to understand “where the world is going and what will happen”. Too bad: it was the first date in black and white, from a legitimate source. Sherlock Holmes 3 was already in the odor of release for 2017 and once again in 2019. If by a miracle the date of 2021 is respected, it will be well ten years between Game of Shadows and the third act. Remarkable.

Sherlock Holmes 3: who will be the director?

The hyperdynamic talent of Guy Ritchie brought the first two features to success, but it is now clear that Ritchie will not return to the world of sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He producer Lionel Wigram, after a long period of evasion, confirmed in July 2019 that he will sit behind the camera Dexter Fletcher, the director of Bohemian Rhapsody e Rocketman. Ritchie should be providing some kind of advice, as executive producer (a typical role in these cases). The concomitance of the announcement of the new director with that of $ 21 million in tax credit officially granted to the production by the state of California, made the project concrete as it had never been, Covid-19 permitting.

Sherlock Holmes 3, who writes it?

Between 2011 and 2013 this third chapter has already begun, without commitment, but with the intention of testing the ground for a project that, according to what he said Jude Law in 2013, they wanted “better than the other two, making sure it’s smarter and smarter, but similar. It’s a long process. “It was the writer who started this process Drew Pearce, later replaced by Justin Haythe.
Between 2014 and 2016 pretty much all the parties in the game played a part if we were to adopt football jargon: Robert Downey Jr. and Susan (his wife and partner), Jude Law, Lionel Wigram and the confirmed coproducer, the veteran Joel Silver. In 2016, they began speculating on shooting for the end of the year, while in the meantime the script moved to the care of James Coyne.
In October 2016, Warner Bros and the Team Downey however, they had changed their minds again, putting the idea of ​​the film in the hands of a story team made up of writers like Gary Whitta, Nicole Perlman, Justin Malen, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Kieran Fitzgerald. The last screenwriter assigned to the project turns out to be Chris Brancato, revealed in May 2018. Will it still be him?

Sherlock Holmes 3: the plot

With certainty, no one knows yet. Rumors claim the story will see Sherlock and John in the wild west, in a different context, to contend with a nefarious corrupt character, theIndustrial Huntersville Guests. The Warner Bros also would have pushed the main authors and performers to also sign for another film, a fourth chapter, thus embracing as usual the extended and planned serialization without which Hollywood does not move today.

Sherlock Holmes 3, the cast: who will return? Who will be there?

Aside from Downey Jr. and Law, it is rumored that the Moriarty of Jared Harris may also play a role in the new story, thus assuming that he too survived the ending of Play of shadows. As we wrote before, however, the real villain should be the aforementioned Guest, for whom he would be courting Oscar Isaac. Remaining in scope new Star Wars trilogy, it would seem that Daisy Ridley is the most popular actress to play Sidney, officially a reporter for the San Francisco Herald, but actually an undercover agent. None of this is confirmed.


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