Reinventing themselves in quarantine: the story of four independent musicians who stand out on the networks

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A group of young musicians tell their experience, before and during the coronavirus pandemic and how this historical moment changed their way of seeing art.

The quarantine in Argentina it officially started on March 20. But even before this date, they began to suspend massive events and meetings associated with the musical field.

Since then this item has not been able to return to its activities normally, the feeling of playing live was transported to social networks and there were many musicians who decided to start showing themselves more regularly on these channels.

The most recognized nationally, they have been able to subsist thanks to the trajectory and royalties of their previous works, some have performed shows via streaming with success.

But what about the independent musicians living in the City of Buenos Aires?

Four of them counted Clarion how they do to stay in the musical world and how the pandemic impacted them.

Steffania Uttaro is a young singer and voice-over artist of 23 years. During the quarantine he looked for ways to reinvent himself and began to generate his own material on social networks, to the point of release a video clip and song dedicated to quarantine, “Before all this, I used to perform in bars and public events and I was part of several bands, I always had my YouTube channel, but at this stage the material that I was generating began to grow. I decided to start writing and something very nice came out. Now I have a song and a video clip of my own production. The key is in reinvent yourself and work with what you have in hands “. Stefania tells Clarín.

Uttaro hopes to return to normal and continue with his projects, present himself to the public and continue projecting himself in the musical field, for now he works with the tools that the new reality allows him.

Alexander Morillo, known as @Aleeunity In social networks, he does not currently make a living from music but leads a project called Fourpop in which he performs different musical versions with a cuatro, a very popular string instrument in Venezuela, his native country. Before the quarantine he used to meet and play in bars and cultural spaces in Buenos Aires.

Now the pandemic has forced him to produce, edit and mix music at home. “With the band we are doing everything remotely, one of the things I like the most about music is playing live for the public. There you can improvise and create a whole atmosphere, these times have led me to eat lunch, I had to prepare and start watching tutorials to be able to mix and edit from home. “In the future Aleeunity he hopes to get back in touch with the public and go on stage with his band once again.

Manuel Rodriguez, composes and writes his own songs, has also worked together with other independent musicians, “my goal is to transmit art through music”, the young man from 26 years He tells how the quarantine led him to reinvent himself: “I was in the process of recording an independent album, the pandemic began and I had to stop everything, I looked for other possibilities and ended up with write and record a new song from home“.

Manuel realized the possibilities of generating his own material with few tools, “with other colleagues we started editing everything remotely, I discovered that outside of a studio there are many options “. The musician talks about dreams and possibilities for the future” without a doubt these months have led us all to reflect, I hope to continue making music and art for a longer time“.

Another artist who began to experience a change in her way of making music is Isa Soul, began to do different covers, while writing his own material. During quarantine decided to start shooting small videos outdoors, “Now I sing my own songs and I want to release my first album. There are many digital tools that can be used, it is an ant job, but it is what I want and what I really love.”

Isa, who in social networks is @isasoulmusic, says that the context of the pandemic convinced her that music is really the best way to feel full, “it is a universal language and through it we can transmit whatever it is, I just hope that everything is fixed and that the musicians can return to play in events and bars throughout the City, meanwhile it’s time to reinvent itself “. Isa concludes.


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