What was an open secret is confirmed: Sergio Reguilon leave the Real Madrid and jump to the Premier League when signing for him Tottenham in exchange for 30 million euros.

The left-back did not count for Zidane and finds in England an attractive project while maintaining his options of returning to Madrid in the future, which you will be able to play him again during the next two seasons in exchange for a slightly higher amount than the transfer.

Reguilón, who comes from signing a great season in the Sevilla and earn a place in the senior team after convincing Luis Enrique, was in the orbit of the Manchester United, but Tottenham is finally the team that managed to get his signing.

From the set of the ‘spurs’ they came to joke about the incorporation of Reguilón to their team, since they took advantage of a tweet from the lane from 7 years ago to make it known that they were going to make the transfer official.

Reguilón’s tweet, published on February 24, 2013, read “tomorrow I’m from Tottenham” and the London club joked by quoting the tweet and writing: “Today”.