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We would like to have freshly styled, shiny hair like at the hairdresser’s every day. If the next visit takes a little longer, then this is your comfortable solution from home: The Shyne Gloss refreshes your hair color, whether colored or not, and gives you an extra portion of care. The gloss treatment is currently available for just 22.00 euros instead of 32.00 euros!

The most important things at a glance:

  • Gloss from Shyne
  • selection of four shades, to match your hair color
  • Hair treatment for Refreshing colors and intensive care
  • Give the hair a beautiful one shine
  • For a short time, you get that Gloss for only 22.00 euros instead of 32.00 euros!


With blonde hair it is the yellow tinge, a brunette mane can look pale after a while without proper care – if the last visit to the hairdresser was a little while ago, we are confronted with these annoying problems. But now this gloss provides a solution: the hair treatment for at home renews the hair shade, gives the hair a unique shine, while it is also deeply cared for!

For a radiant, well-groomed mane, you don’t have to run straight to the hairdresser – the Shyne Gloss gives you hair as if it were fresh from the salon. Here get it for only 22.00 euros instead of 32.00 euros!

Ideal for every hair color and type: The Shyne Hair Treatment Gloss

You can think of the gloss as a Combination of two hair products to introduce: Tint and conditioner. While it caring elements contains, Color pigments freshen up the nuance of your hair color. It is irrelevant whether you have colored hair or not. The gloss is available in four shades to match your desire for cooler blonde or warm chestnut brown: Sunkissed Blond, Cool Blond, Golden Brown und Smokey Brown. When choosing the ideal shade, always use the lightest area of ​​the hair as a guide.

Because the gloss contains fewer color pigments than actual hairdressing dyes, you get one wonderfully natural result: well-groomed hair that does not lose its shine for up to four weeks!

Here you can get the gloss for just 22.00 euros instead of 32.00 euros.


Color freshener and intensive hair care: this is how it works

The application of the gloss is very easy and can be carried out from home without hesitation: First pull the enclosed gloves and apply the gloss to the washed, towel-dried hair. Massage the gloss gently over the length of the hair to the tips. Use either a quarter or half of the tube on your hair depending on your hair length. However, you should be economical with the scalp so that it does not discolour. Now leave the product for act for at least ten minutes. You can also use the gloss for a more intense result act for up to 40 minutes to let. Then rinse off the gloss until you can no longer see any residue in the water. Voilà: Your friends will envy you for this shiny mane!

Get the Shyne hair treatment now for only 22.00 euros instead of 32.00 euros. Here you get to the offer.

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