Red Bull allows Verstappen to crash.

Red Bull Racing has retained a lawyer to investigate Sunday’s collision between Max Verstappen (Lewis Hamilton) and Silverstone at the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

It was an unfortunate turn in the British Grand Prix’s opening round. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton’s rear wheel driver, was given the lead position in Copse Corner. The Dutchman then sped into the tire stacks. Hamilton received a time penalty but managed to win the race. Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko called it “murderous”, and asked race management to suspend Hamilton. Marko was not going to give up on the matter and now has a lawyer. Kronen newspaper. “He needs to find out what can be done under sports legislation in such a situation,” says Marko.

“Please, with such an action. Max was very fortunate to be spared any serious injuries. Max is now in serious condition. We won’t allow this to happen. “A suspension would be justifiable,” stated the Austrian. He is still hot about Hamilton’s 10-second penalty. It is absurd. Maybe it’s the regulation’s fault that your abilities are so limited. It is likely that the code and the stewards’ system will need to change. Perez was allowed five seconds twice in Austria for marginal contact. There was no one flying off the track. Hamilton was also present. Drive-through penaltyYou can give plus ten second. They didn’t.

“Max was on his line and where Hamilton was there he had to get off the gas. It is impossible to hit the rear wheels of your opponent in one of the fastest turnarounds. Even the slightest contact can have devastating consequences. Hamilton must be aware that this was an irresponsible decision and Hamilton should know the potential consequences,” Marko concluded.


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