In France, a tight interest rate cut between midnight on Thursday and Friday took effect. People are destined to stay in their homes if they do not do the work necessary for society.

So Parisians left their often cramped homes on Thursday nights to spend closing time in the countryside. According to police, the queues on the roads leading out of Paris totaled 700 kilometers.

Anna, 24, tells Le Figaro that he left the family’s Paris home for second home to Bernay in northwestern France. He says the first corona closure in the spring was psychologically heavy, but in Bernay, “the air is cleaner, we can breathe and we feel free.”

The president warned the citizens

President Emmanuel Macron warned that the second wave of the corona will hit the ground on its knees and the second wave will be much worse than the first wave of last spring. In France, for example, 47,637 new coronary infections were diagnosed on Thursday.

In the spring before the closure was imposed, similar queues of “fleeing” townspeople were seen. Residents of the areas were not very pleased with the invasion by the Parisians.

– We ask the Parisians to stay in Paris. You can well imagine what would happen if 4,000 Parisians invaded here and every third had an asymptomatic infection. There is a high risk that the disease will spread rapidly, a reader of the local newspaper Sud Ouest in southwestern France wrote in an opinion column.

Efforts were also made to move away from other large cities

There is a clear difference between the second wave of the corona and the first wave of the spring. In the spring, infections were particularly high in Paris and the north-east of the country. Now Korona is spreading evenly throughout the country.

On Thursday night, there were also huge car queues away from the cities in Lyon and Bordeaux, among others.