Australian actor Rebel Wilson, 40, said at the beginning of the year in Some that he wanted to lose weight during the year. His goal is to weigh about 75 pounds by the end of this year.

The weight has already dropped a lot, you can see from the fresh pictures. Slimming has been written for example Women’s Healt.

Already four weeks ago, Wilson enthusiastically that at that time it was less than eight kilograms away from its own target weight.

Wilson has shared a lot of pictures and videos of the progress of his lifestyle renovation. She has recently posed in classy in evening dresses, which have revealed the results of the weight loss contract to date.

Wilson celebrated Prince Albert at a charity gala in Monte Carlo in a showy outfit.

He has also posed in a black beach dress.

Rebel Wilson shows in fresh pictures how well he has progressed in his project. In May, the actor spoke openly about his condition. He said he wanted to see the effort because of his health.

– Some days are really frustrating. Would just like to give up. But good things will happen, as long as you can wait, Wilson wrote.

The actor’s lifestyle renovation has given peer support to others as well. Wilson has received a lot of positive feedback from Some that he has inspired others to exercise and eat healthier with his own example.

Many commentators glow Wilson’s slender essence in the som.

– You have always looked beautiful, but I hope that your new style will bring you the happiness you deserve, a fan writes.

– You look great! You are the source of inspiration, the other glows.

With his lifestyle change, Wilson has started to do interval training, especially to keep his heart rate high. In his training under the guidance of his coach, he has, among other things, turned big car tires and climbed stairs. He has said he initially eliminated excessive sugar and junk food from his diet.

Since then, Wilson has sought to follow the Mayr method in his meals, which is based on the teachings of the Austrian Franz Xaver Mayr almost a hundred years ago. In the Mayr method, for example, snacks are not eaten. Dairy products and gluten intake are also kept to a minimum. The method encourages conscious eating techniques that seek to chew food slowly and consume food without distractions.

Rebel Wilson is known for films such as Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect and Isn’t It Romantic.