James Rodriguez He was one of the first players discarded by Zidane to leave Real Madrid in this transfer market. The Colombian went to Everton for an amount of 25 million, an acceptable operation for both teams and that ended the soap opera on the number ’10’ of the coffee team. Or that leaked.

Banfield, the team in which James began to emerge as a young man, has ensured that they they have not received a euro from the transfer, something that by FIFA regulations would correspond to them. The Argentine team has taken into account and if Everton has paid those 25 million, they should have had 220,000 euros as a training clause.

“The transfer was made as if it were a player without cost. The pertinent consultations have already been made to both clubs and They confirmed that unfortunately Banfield will not receive money for the solidarity mechanism “, they lamented in the mouth of Ignacio Uzquiza, treasurer of the Argentine team.

Meanwhile, James is oblivious to this situation. The Colombian has started his new stage in the Premier League on the right foot and from the first moments he has earned the trust of Ancelotti, the fans and the British press.

James is facing the opportunity to redeem himself after the doubts that his time at Real Madrid has generated. After doing reasonably well in the Bayern Munich, where played on loan for two seasons, He returned to the Spanish capital to see himself ruled out party and party as well. His high profile prevented him from being transferred before, although now he probably had to give up a part to be able to continue enjoying football outside the Bernabéu.