The Good End 2020 is about to start, an event that takes place year after year that consists of the promotion and distribution of products and services by various companies in order to promote trade through offers, discounts and / or rebates on the price and credits to months without interest.

It has been said that, in this Good end, stores can operate 24 hours, so users should be prepared not to zero their wallets.

For this, it is important that, before spending any weight, you identify if a product is really necessary in order to make a smart purchase. In One zero, we will be sharing the best offers so you can take advantage of this Good End 2020.

If you were considering changing television, then it would be important that you check the Profeco ranking with the top rated screens.

Samsung The Serif: Review of the screen that looks nice in the home

The best screens according to Profeco

Televisions are one of the most purchased products at this event, which is why the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office made a study in 20 models of different inches in order to evaluate their quality, price and compliance with Official Mexican Standards.

The different screens analyzed are intelligent, since they have the possibility of connecting to Internet and oscillate between 40 and 55 inches.

In the data released in the Consumer Magazine of November 2020, it was shown that four screens of the 20 analyzed passed the test with “enough” being these:

  • Makena 40S2 40 Inch
  • Makena 50S7 50 Inch
  • 43 inch Atvio ATV-43UHD
  • 43-inch JVC / SI43US

Screens rated “good”:

  • 43-inch Sony KDL-43W660G
  • 49-inch Sony XBR-49X800H
  • 43-inch LG 43UN7100PUA
  • 43-inch Panasonic TC-43FS510X
  • Atvio 50 Inch ATV-50UHDR
  • 43 inch Daewoo U43A8500TN

Screens rated “very good”:

  • Samsung UN50TU7000F 50-inch
  • LG / 49NANO081UNA 49 inch
  • 43-inch LG 43UN7300PUC
  • 50-inch JVC SI50UR
  • Atvio ATV5016ILED
  • Sony XBR 43X800H

Screens rated “excellent”:

  • Panasonic TC-50GX500X de 50 pulgadas
  • Panasonic TC-55GX500X de 55 pulgadas
  • 50-inch Speler SP-LED50US
  • 40-inch Atvio AT-40IS840

According to the analysis of ProfecoConsumers could purchase an “excellent” rated 43-inch screen from a not-well-known brand for about $ 4,000, while choosing a well-known brand can raise the cost two or three times as much.

So now you know, take your precautions and compare all the offers. Do not let yourself go for the first discount you find. We recommend you download the official application of Buen Fin so that you have a better notion of each model.

Smart TV’s that you can get for less than 6 thousand pesos

And you … What will you buy in this Good End 2020?