Rea Garvey has no fear of corona

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Rea Garvey played a ferris wheel concert on Friday. In an interview, the Irishman reveals whether he had concerns due to rising corona numbers.

A breathtaking view of the brightly lit Bavarian capital accompanied by live singing by Irish musician Rea Garvey (47, “Oh My Love”). On Friday evening (October 30th) in Munich, almost 50 music fans enjoyed this special treat at the “Liveclub” of Bayern 3. The radio station had invited to the state’s first Ferris wheel concert, the tickets could be won. Before the show, Rea Garvey told the news agency spot on news whether he had concerns about appearing in front of an audience despite the rising number of corona infections, and why he was unusually nervous in advance.

Rea Garvey’s “Favorite Gig of 2020” is also his only one

“I have a certain confidence in life, so I don’t allow myself to be afraid of Corona,” said the 47-year-old Irishman, who performed in Munich directly in front of the “Umadum”, the world’s largest mobile ferris wheel. Therefore, he had no concerns before the event, even though it happened just days before the nationwide partial lockdown, which begins November 2nd. “I want to look ahead positively,” said the musician.

At the unique show, four visitors in each of the gondolas were able to enjoy Garvey’s musical talent with the help of indoor speakers. It was the only concert he ever played this year due to the pandemic. “I’m pretty nervous about it,” the rocker admitted. He and his band are meanwhile “over-tested”, they have been preparing for months over and over again for performances that ultimately never took place.

So it’s no wonder that the former front man of the band Reamonn was particularly happy about his almost 60-minute “Favorite Gig of the Year 2020” and was also in the mood for jokes during the show. Once he announced that “2.4 million euros were hidden” in one of the 27 gondolas, another time he offered part of his audience to take him back to Berlin on the bus – the vehicle was big enough.

Feasibility was unclear after the lockdown resolutions

When planning the live event, the organizers from Bayern 3 worked out a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept together with the event security department of Bayerischer Rundfunk. This included, among other things, wearing a mouth and nose covering, maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 meters and specially installed disinfectant dispensers.

Shortly after the federal and state resolutions on Wednesday (October 28), according to music director Edi van Beek, internal discussions were held as to whether the event could still be carried out. In the end, the radio station stuck to its plans – much to the delight of Rea Garvey. The singer does not believe in being scared of the virus and in no longer taking on anything, he made clear in the interview. It is “more important to have a goal than to have no plan,” said the musician. “The future is what we make of it.”

Solo hits, Reamonn classics and a Billie Eilish cover

In addition to well-known hits like “Is it Love?” The “The Voice of Germany” coach also presented the Munich Ferris wheel audience with the new good mood singles “Talk To Your Body” and “Hey Hey Hey” from his new album “Hy Brasil”, which will be released on November 13th . In between he also struck quieter, slightly nostalgic tones with the song “Supergirl” from his old band. Garvey mixed the catchy tune from 2000 with his own interpretation of the hit “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish (18, “No Time To Die”).


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