Razer Pro Click

It’s been a while since I’ve used a wireless mouse, but I have to admit that I liked giving up wires, both for Pro Click and the Pro Type keyboard. The mouse is developed in partnership with Humanscale, and Razer says it is specifically designed to reduce the health risks associated with long-term use of the mouse, such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

What I can say, after using it, is that it offers a pleasant feeling and has an ergonomic shape, which should not cause you problems or make your hand sit unnaturally. I also like the look, although I’m not a fan of white peripherals at all, considering how easily they can get dirty and how much care they need to avoid this.

It has an industrial design, with metal edges at the bottom and on the scroll wheel, the Razer and Humanscale logos being present on the top and bottom. The same industrial design is noticeable on the keyboard, which we will reach a little later.

Razer Pro Click has 8 programmable buttons, but you will probably only use 5 of them, plus the scroll wheel. If you are not going to change them, the ones on the left allow you to go back / forward to move faster between pages, a preset that you often find on such mice. Even more interesting is the fact that you have multi-host connectivity, meaning you can connect to several devices with the same mouse, so you can quickly switch between them, which is useful for those who do a lot of multitasking.

Probably the most important things for a wireless mouse are the accuracy and the response time, and in these chapters Razer Pro Click handles excellently. The 5G optical sensor developed by Razer allows an excellent speed and goes up to 16,000DPI (if you want to use it for a little gaming), the mouse having excellent response times and an accuracy similar to that of a wired mouse.

The battery is also very good, the mouse lasting, according to Razer, up to 400 hours on a single charge. I’m not sure it reaches this figure, but what I can say for sure is that in the 3 weeks of use I loaded it only once, as soon as I received it. Bonus points for the packaging, which is an eco one, very different from the ones in which the gaming-oriented Razer products are located, but just as interesting and pleasant to open.

Razer Pro Type

I was saying that Pro Type also has an industrial look, and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a much more special keyboard than I’ve seen so far, because you can easily see inside it, thanks to the white combination and the light bottom. However, this can be a disadvantage, because it will get dirty quite quickly and visibly, and cleaning the keyboard is not as easy as the mouse.

I like the fact that it is a mechanical keyboard, but with the orange switches of Razer, which should “cut” them from the noise made. I manage to do that, although it’s still very easy to realize that we’re talking about a mechanical keyboard, from those powerful “clicks”.

Like the mouse, the keyboard is wireless, but it enters standby mode after not being used for a while, so you’ll have to wait a second or two after pressing a button at the end of this period. make it usable again. After that, the response time is good, quite fast and similar to a wired keyboard.

Razer Productivity Suite: What Razer Wants to Make Its Place on Corporate Offices (TECH REVIEW)

The keyboard has white lighting by default, but it can be changed from Razer Synapse 3. It can also be connected to 4 devices simultaneously, such as Razer Pro Click, and the buttons are programmable, for those who want to make changes to the standard layout which Pro Type has.

The writing feel is very good, as on most Razer keyboards. We have well-spaced keys, quite large and with a satisfactory travel. They need little force to be pressed, so accidental touches should be fruitless.

Both Pro Type and Pro Click come with a 2-year warranty and cables in the box, for power supply or if you simply prefer to use them in the wired version.

Razer Pro Glide

Razer Productivity Suite: What Razer Wants to Make Its Place on Corporate Offices (TECH REVIEW)

Finally, a few words about Pro Glide, the mousemat that completes this productivity suite from Razer. It comes with a one-year warranty, is 3mm thick, 360mm long and 275mm wide, large enough to walk with the mouse at will.

It’s made of foam, with an anti-slip base, and you can see the Razer logo on the top right, quite discreetly. It’s comfortable, has a less dirty shade of gray than the devices in this suite and fits well with the Pro Click mouse.