Rating: why afternoons are the new prime time of Argentine TV

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With the quarantine, the nights of the air channels were punctured a bit and the evening bands were awakened. The hypotheses, and all the numbers, that explain the new habits in front of the television.

In times when we got together for a birthday, any journalist specialized in television shows knew that, yes or yes, the two million questions: “Is Susana fat?”, a classic. AND: “How many people is a rating point?”. Easy: the first was no. The second depends.

Because the Ibope formula says that one point is rigorous 30 thousand households, but the manual convention recommended, until recently, that to know the number of viewers you had to multiply by 4 for the night and by 3 (or even by 2) for the afternoon. Of course, that formula ran for pre-pandemic days. No longer.

The afternoons of Argentine TV were awakened. They are, without a doubt, the new prime of open television.

There is no certainty to explain the phenomenon, but it can be draw some hypotheses that help to understand the change of habit of the Argentines.

Since social gatherings cannot be held at the moment, there is no need to know Susana’s current weight. But we can take advantage of this space to analyze why the night strip was punctured and no longer shines as before and, why, at the same time, the two evening segments grew (from 12 to 16 and from 16 to 20).

While the top of the podium is still from prime time -the most expensive and most coveted segment in terms of advertising-, the only child is catching up with the little sister, and fundamentally, the one that goes from 16 to 20.

The reasons? One could be quarantine, hand in hand with #QuedateEnCasa, with which, those 30 thousand households of each rating point they should be multiplied by 4 at all times. Although we agree that, at this stage of technology, we could have sharper tools that some gadgets (the People meters) placed on some television sets in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, and which are read the habits of each family member in front of the television.

All very traditional and questionable, but Kantar Ibope Media’s measurement it is the only one approved for this matter (more telephone surveys in search of greater precision). So we stick with their numbers, plus word of mouth and the genuine rankings of the networks fan stoves social.

But, regardless of how much each point is multiplied by, the afternoon points advanced surprisingly in recent months, with more common marks of the night than of the siesta. And, at night, they move just above 10 points, one floor too low.

On the one hand, there were notable evening successes, such as the basting of turkish cans or the replacement of Floricienta, on the Telefe side. Or the twist that Carina Zampini found for The great prize of the kitchen, by El Trece.

On the other hand, nights are usually Jesus, the Brazilian strip that is almost always the most viewed of the day. And the Singing 2020, the strongest card he could play Marcelo tinelli In this pandemic era to heat the nights of El Trece, it fails to take off in the rating (it is usually below 10 average points).

Do not lose sight of that we’re talking about the quarantine tv, traversed by foreign cans, repetitions, hourly stretches of newscasts, protocols that require few people in the studio, and magazines, with a rotating cast. With fiction production stopped, and the restrictions of the audiovisual sector, difficult to raise the bar.

However, the afternoon managed. And the night resists. Maybe for late night deals that don’t attract attention alien, or maybe because, in this bad call “New normal”, At the old time of steaks, streaming is imposed.

The truth is that, from March 20 to here, the numbers changed and from 12 to 20 the screen began to raise a nice temperature, of the healthy. Although it was a gradual ascent, there were several key moments, such as Monday, August 24, when Telefe finally decided to reinstate -after three months of on-air promotions- Floricienta, released in 2004 by El Trece.

And the anxiety it generated in the fans of the strip – with Florencia Bertotti as a hilarious heroine – made Broken wingsOn the end of his episode of the day, he will pass the 16 points waiting for the fiction created by Cris Morena. And, for those things of the new generations, once they verified that Floricienta It was already on screen with 16.1, the followers of the story went to comment on the return to the networks: there he positioned his characters among the top ten trending topics of the day. On screen, oddly enough, the needle dropped a bit (and it moved around 14).

That Monday, after all, the Turkish strip ended up being the most viewed, thanks to the prior stamina of the youth audience, who preferred a more digital arena to celebrate the return of his romantic comedy.


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