Rating: Thursday was from Telefe’s soap operas

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The Brazilian “Jesús” and the Turkish “Alas rotas” were at the top. “Welcome aboard” and “Cantando 2020” entered the most popular podium.

Once again, foreign strips imposed their stamp as the most watched on open TV this Thursday, October 1. The first place was the Brazilian Jesus, which is broadcast by Telefe and was installed in front with 13.4 points.

Second place was won by the Turkish afternoon production, Broken wings, with 10.6. And this time, the show that leads Guido the Duck, Welcome aboard, for El Trece, managed to tie it among the most viewed, also with 10.6.

For its part, Singing 2020, He had a good night that reached him to place third, very close, with 10, 5.

At Thursday’s gala, they opened the reality show run by Angel De Brito and Laurita Fernández, Miguel Angel Rodríguez and Lula Rosenthal, who added Germán “Tripa” Tripel to the rhythm in trio. The song they chose was Soda Stereo, When the shaking passes.

The jury liked the performance and gave Nacha Guevara a chance to make an ironic comment: “This topic is a tribute to me? “, alluding to everything that was said these days about her state of health and that she clarified. The direct allusion caused laughter from everyone in the study.

Later Claribel Medina and her daughter Agostina Alarcón appeared, accompanied by Rocío Quiroz. The trio performed a passionate version of Gloria Estefan’s song Holy holy and all the accolades were earned.

Finally it was the turn of Agustín “Cachete” Sierra and Inbal Comedi, who were accompanied by Rochi Igarzabal. Cachete and Rochi, former teammates Almost angels, recalled anecdotes from the strip Cris Morena they shared as teenagers.

They also received the greetings of some of their former castmates such as Peter Lanzani, Tacho Riera, Candela Vetrano, Gastón Dalmau and Emilia Attias and generated a lot of expectation among the fans of the strip. But the time was not reached and they will sing next week.

The fourth place among the most viewed on Thursday was News of the central schedule of Telefe, with 10 points. Floricienta completed the podium of the five most viewed programs. The youth strip starring Florence Bertotti obtained 9.9 points.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe kept the day, by a difference of 1.8 points: it reached an average of 9.1 compared to 7.3 for El Trece.

The third most watched program of El Trece was Telenoche. With an average of 9.3, the news program of that channel earned sixth place in the general grid on Thursday.

For its part, Blessed, was once again the most watched of El Nueve, with 4.7 points for the Beto Casella program and his panelists. They followed Telenove at noon with 3.7 and Telenueve Central with 3.6 points.

In America, the table of the three most viewed was occupied by Intruders leading, with 2.7, followed by Good morning america. Extra with 2.4 and tied for third place, Stray animals Y Jockey a la tarde, both with 2.2 on average.

In Public Television, the replacement of fiction In therapy, with 1.2 it was again the most watched on that channel. The Unitarian stars a cast headed by Diego Peretti, Dolores Fonzi, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Julieta Cardinali. They followed him in the standings, Argentine cooks with 1 point and We are all connected, with 0.8.



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