Rating: soccer beat everyone on Thursday night

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The match played by the National Team, broadcast on Public TV, prevailed over the rest of the programs. MasterChef Celebrity and Telefe novels completed the podium.

Soccer managed to cut the unstoppable streak of telenovelas and reality shows in the rating measurement and won the pulse of Thursday, October 8.

The match for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, played by the Argentine National Team against its Ecuadorian counterpart, broadcast by Public Television on Thursday night, was the most watched of the day with 15.2.

However, Telefe managed to impose itself as the most watched channel of the day with the other four programs with the highest rating in the top five of the favorites, covering all time slots. The ball channel took a 2.5 advantage over its competition.

In this way, second place on the podium was taken MasterChef Celebrity with 11.7 which, since it hit the screen on October 5, has easily imposed itself among the favorites.

On Thursday night, eight of the sixteen participants, the worst in a first test, had to face the jury made up of Donato De Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, who was joined, with a special participation, by Dolli Irigoyen.

The chef gave a cooking class with a preparation of carpaccio, a typical Italian recipe, which the participants had to copy as is.

In the challenge were Claudio “El Turco” García, El Polaco, Roberto Moldavsky, Claudia Villafañe, Belu Lucius, Analía Franchín, Rocío Marengo and Ignacio Sureda.

The test gave uneven results, although those who came out better were El Polaco, Belu Lucius and Claudia Villafañe. However, according to the rules of the game, only the latter achieved the unanimous congratulations of the jurors for the preparation of their plate and thus avoided going to the elimination gala.

The other seven contestants will have to face, this Sunday, the first elimination challenge. One of them will leave the reality show this week.

The podium of the five most viewed on Thursday was completed with the Turkish telenovela Broken wings, which obtained 11.2; the brazilian Jesus, with 10.9 (which this Friday, October 9, reaches its final chapter) and the replacement of Floricienta that achieved 9.7 points.

In El Trece, the three most watched programs were the evening news Telenoche with 8.4; then The great prize of the kitchen with 7.6 which, this season puts the eight champions from previous seasons in competition. And thirdly, Welcome aboard with 7.1, led by Guido Kaczka.

In the nine, Blessed it ranked first with an average of 3.5. The cycle that Beto Casella leads was followed by the news from that station: 3.3 for the noon edition and 3.1 for the Central newscast of the night.

For its part, in America, the most watched of the channel was Good morning America Extra with 2.5, and then they were located Intruders with 2.2 and Fantino in the afternoon with 1.7 points.

On Public Television, football took everything. In addition to having the most watched program with the broadcast of the game that Argentina won, the other two cycles with the highest ratings were the analysis of the national team’s performance.

In this way, 2022 Qualifiers (Post) with 5.2 and Qualifying 2022 (Previous) with 3.8 on average, they were left with the second and third place of the most watched by the station.



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