Rating: soap operas continued to top on Thursday

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The Brazilian “Jesus” was the most watched on Thursday. It was followed by the Turkish “Alas rotas” and the replacement of the local “Floricienta”. Telefe won the day.

In this ups and downs among the Telefe soap operas that are disputed for the top positions daily, on Thursday it was the turn of the Jesus which with 13.2 rating points became the most viewed of the day. The Brazilian production shared the podium with the evening telenovelas: the Turkish strip Broken wings, with 13 points, was placed second and the replacement of Argentina Floricienta, continues to perform: obtained third place with 12.7.

The other two Turkish telenovelas of the evening band, both also from Turkey, completed the top five on Thursday: ¿¿And who are you? (which is in its final chapters) achieved 12 points and the eternal Elif, with 9.7.

In this way, Telefe won on Thursday with an average of 9.6, marking a great difference with the competition. The other channels were far behind: El Trece reached 6.9; América and El Nine tied with 2.4 and Public Television obtained an average of 0.5.

In El Trece, Welcome aboard it’s still the channel’s most performing workhorse. On Thursday, Guido Kazcka’s program achieved 8.8 (recorded shipments are on the air while the driver recovers from positive covid) and shared first place with the Singing 2020 which also scored 8.8 points.

In the program led by Angel De Brito and Laurita Fernández, Thursday was a day of change of pace and news, with the incorporation of a new participant, Alex Caniggia, who did not go unnoticed on the track.

The son of Claudio Caniggia and Mariana Nannis, as is usual in his style, appeared on the scene praising himself, displaying his indecipherable accent and wearing sunglasses that he never took off. Alex sang a song by Luis Miguel with his teammate, Melina Del Piano (Nell Valente’s girlfriend, Esmeralda Miter’s dreamer) and surprised.

Against all odds, the members of the jury (except Oscar Mediavilla) liked his performance and both Nacha Guevara, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán gave him a good score.

On Thursday night it was also the turn of Gladys La Bomba Tucumana and her son Tyago who were encouraged to a tango (the classic Throat with sand by Cacho Castaña) and by Dan Breitman and Flor Anca with a theme by Cristian Castro. Both couples left the jury happy.

And third place for El Trece, but very close to the first two went to The Grand Prize of the Kitchen, with 8.3. The reality show that Carina Zampini and Juan Marconi host is in the final stages of the eighth season and today defines a new winner.

In The Nine, Blessed still installed as the most watched channel. The program of Beto Casella and his panelists reached 4.4 and the news followed it in measurements with 3.4 for the noon edition and 3.2 for Central telenovela.

In America Intruders regained the first position in that channel with 2.9, while Intractable got 2.5 and Controversy at the bar it was very close, with 2.4 points.

In Public Television, the replacement of Argentine fiction In therapy still the most viewed with 1,2 and the recipe cycle Argentine cooks, led by Ximena Sáenz, Juan Braceli and Juan Ferrara, and is serving twelve years in the air, reached 1.1 points.




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