Rating: on the day of Diego Maradona’s death, the most watched was MasterChef Celebrity

Although almost all the channels were busy for more than 10 hours after the death of the 10th, the reality show in which his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe, participates, took the podium.

This Wednesday, November 25, he died Diego Maradona. It is already a historic day. So, almost all television channels changed their programming to cover the news. Some did it until 22 and others continued until midnight. There were reports, interviews, mobiles from different places … Even, in some cases, the noon and afternoon rating numbers were as high as those of prime time.

In the general average, the winner of the day was Telefe, by a difference of 3.5 points over El Trece, its main competitor.

The most watched of the day was MasterChef Celebrity. The gastronomy reality of the Las Pelotitas channel scored 16.2 points.

Although the cycle is recorded several days before, Santiago del Moro, the conductor, He dedicated an affectionate message to Claudia Villafañe, Maradona’s ex-wife.

Claudia is one of the participants in the program. It was already planned that he would not be on the screen for the whole week, because the playoffs are being played with the eliminated.

Then, the different newscasts of the same station were located: with 10.3 points, in second place was the People’s newscast, which starts at 13.

The podium completed it Telefe news, which measured 9.8. At 22, at the time of the applause in tribute to Maradona, it had a peak of 13.4 points.

In this case, Telefe raised the Turkish novel Woman strength and extended the cycle led by Cristina Pérez and Rodolfo Barili.

In El Trece, the situation was very similar. The program with the highest audience was Newscast thirteen, with 8.2, which goes at noon.

Behind was Welcome aboard. The entertainment cycle headed by Guido the Duck It kept its usual format in prime time and reached 7.6.

In Elnueve, in turn, the most watched of the day was Blessed (4); In America, Intruders (5); on Public Television, We are all connected (1.5); y and Net TV, Coup de grace (1,1).

Blessed, Intruders and We are all connected they dedicated their programs to Diego’s death.

On the state channel, even Sergio Goycochea, one of the cycle’s drivers, told how he had received the news of the death of his former teammate in the National Team.

“I was in my personal doctor’s office… When they told me what had happened with Diego, I started to cry, cry and cry ”, story.

“It is very difficult for me to stand here today,” Del Moro started his message, addressed to the Maradona family, in MasterChef Celebrity.

“I am on behalf of many colleagues who do this program that the Argentine family likes so much. Today is a very special day. It is a day of national mourning. Diego died. Y, as everyone will know, here in this program, practically every night, she shines: Claudia Villafañe ”.



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