Rating: MasterChef Celebrity beat everyone, including the Copa Libertadores

With the return of Germán Martitegui, one of the members of the jury, already recovered from coronavirus, the Telefe reality show was the most watched of the day.

After winning all three stripes, Telefe stayed with the rating of Tuesday, November 24, by a difference of 3 points about El Trece, its main competitor.

The most watched of the day was MasterChef Celebrity. And that had competition with Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana matches. The gastronomy reality of the pelotitas channel He took advantage of the return of Germán Martitegui, one of the members of the jury, with a villain mask, and measured 16.2 points on average.

The podium was completed by two programs from the same station, Turkish novels Woman strength (11,3) and the brand new War of roses, which premiered this Tuesday and left the channel’s programmers very satisfied (with 10.2), at 17.30

In El Trece, the most watched of the day was Welcome aboard, with 9.5 points.

Now driven by Andrea Politti, replacing Carina Zampini, isolated by coronavirus, The great prize of the kitchen, from the station commanded by Adrián Suar, It also had an interesting rerun: it made 6.5 points.

In Elnueve, in turn, the program with the highest audience was Blessed (4.2); In America, Fantino in the afternoon (2.5); on Public Television, Argentine cooks (0.7); y and Net TV, The patron of evil (0,8).

Although he was replaced very effectively by Dolli Irigoyen, the public was looking forward to Martitegui’s return to MasterChef Celebrity.

The cook had been absent for a couple of weeks from the recordings after contracting coronavirus. And yesand rejoined just for the rematch round, in which the eliminated participants look for their opportunity to return to the contest.

How did Germán come back? More tender? Harder? “I came back different”said the cook when Santiago del Moro, the host, welcomed him to the program.

And, although at first he was seen trying to help the famous while touring his work islands, several of them reminded him of the differences they had had in the first part of the cycle. It’s more, Rocío Marengo accused him of having “preferences”.

The challenge of the day was that the participants had to randomly extract the main ingredient of their preparation from a box, aided only by the sense of touch and without knowing that it was a “guts night”.

A Patricia Sosa touched a liver; Monkey Martín Fabio de Kapanga, a heart; Roberto Moldavsky, criadillas; to Boy Olmi, udder; and Nacho Sureda, a kidneywhile Marengo had to cook lamb tongues.

“I came to stay,” said Rocío, sure that she would be able to come up with a recipe that would allow her to return to reality. However, at the time of the tasting, he failed to convince the jury.

“You start to describe so many ingredients that it is impossible for them to appear on the plate. With less, and a little more attention, it would be tastier, “Martitegui told him.

Then, Marengo looked the chef in the eye and asked him: “Do you love me?”

“How?” Asked the cook, puzzled. And the participant repeated: “If you love me? Think about it, don’t rush. “



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