Ratched, spin-off of Caught with no way out, tops week’s recommended

Trump calls on right-wing gang to ‘let law enforcement do their job’

The right-wing extremist organization called Proud Boys, according to US President Donald Trump, should let law enforcement do their job and not take matters...

A macabre find at the bottom of the sea reveals another “truth” about the sinking of the Estonia 26 years ago

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Cuba denounces the United States’ campaign “against international medical cooperation”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba has issued a note this Wednesday in which it denounces the existence of "pressure and blackmail" on...

London’s plan to leave a legion of refugees on an island in the middle of the Atlantic

It is "Ascensión", the island where the British fleet was supplied during the Malvinas war. Despite being a daughter of Indian immigration who fled Uganda...

Britain: Boris Johnson government warns coronavirus is out of control

The premier said the kingdom faces a critical moment in its battle against the virus. Today the main infected are young people and...

The series with Sarah Paulson, which composes a character from that ’75 film, arrives on Netflix on Friday. Here, the list of all the premieres from Monday 14 to Sunday 20.

Another week of premieres in the services of streaming, basic cable and premium channels. Ratched, the Netflix original series starring Sarah Paulson and serving as a prequel to the film Trapped without exit, leads the list of recommended.

HBO proposes a super Monday with two consecutive premieres: the mystery drama The Third Day, with Jude Law, at 22; and the miniseries We Are Who We Are, by the Italian director Luca Guadagnino (Call me by your name), at 23.

Added to them is a new installment of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, with a version of The merchant of Venice; and the docuseries The taco chronicles, about the traditional Mexican dish.

Among the films, the thriller’s premium cable release stands out The good liar, with a luxurious acting duel: Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren. Also, the latest installment of the saga Halloween; and The devil at all hours, gothic drama with Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson.

Since Friday on Netflix.

Sarah Paulson takes on the role of nurse Mildred Ratched, the mythical character from the film Trapped without exit. This Netflix original series created by Ryan Murphy It works as a prequel to the Milos Forman film.

Monday at 10pm on HBO. Also available in Flow and Channel 1 HD from Cablevisión.

Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in the six-part miniseries, with the story of a mysterious island. It is divided into two parts: Summer e Winter.

Monday at 11pm on HBO. Also available in Flow and Channel 1 HD from Cablevisión.

Premiere of the eight-part miniseries, with the story of a teenager who moves to a military base in the Italian region of Veneto. With Chloe Sevigny and Alice Braga.

Saturday at 22, by Film & Arts. Also available in Flow and Channel 1 HD from Cablevisión.

One more installment of the productions made by the mythical theater located in London. In this case, a new version of the work The merchant of Venice.

From Tuesday on Netflix.

Premiere of the second season of the series based on one of the most traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine: The taco. The production includes interviews with specialists and visits to the most traditional markets.

Saturday at 10pm on HBO. The Monday after its premiere, available on Flow On Demand.



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