Why are you grateful to your brother?

Randi (Andrei Ropcea): Because he trusted my creative force and came up with the idea to make his own production house, because he has patience with me and endures my inattentions in everyday life, because he understood that I am an artist and cannot be anchored in all everyday things and I am relieved of certain responsibilities. Because he’s always there when I need him. And because it’s hard in certain situations when being gentle doesn’t solve things. Because he’s kicking me on the tarmac. And because she had two children who are very nice and I often tell myself that they love me.

Alexandru Ropcea: I will be, first of all, grateful to my parents, because my brother exists. I don’t know what it would have been like if I were alone, and I can’t even imagine this scenario, because it would certainly have been poorer in feelings and experiences. I am grateful to Andrei for the love he has for me, for the fact that over time he has been by my side when I needed him and has never prepared to offer his help, because he expresses his opinions unreservedly or because he knows and can easily get over more difficult situations.

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