Ramón Díaz already palpitates the duel with Boca for the Copa Libertadores and lights candles for Tacuara Cardozo

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Libertad’s coach awaits the game on September 17, at the resumption of the tournament.

The chinstrap hides that smile that the 61-year-old technician has immortalized by now. But it’s there, he has it under his mask. Ramón Díaz is stupid and is looking forward to Boca at the restart of the Copa Libertadores, on Thursday, September 17.

Ramón, who a few days ago expressed his solidarity with the Boca players for the massive Covid-19 infections, referred to Group H of the Cup, which he shares with Independiente Medellín and Caracas.

“We have a group that is competitive. We need everyone, because everyone is doing well,” he warned.

Although Díaz a few weeks ago reconsidered the chance of taking a step aside if the results were not given, now Freedom It’s a little machine: he beat Guaireña 5-2, he hasn’t lost for five games (with four wins), Tacuara Cardozo is a substitute and does not stop scoring goals and fights the tournament hand to hand with Cerro Porteño.

“We always have things to improve. But we are in an instance where we play very often and also the Libertadores will come. So the important thing is to get the results,” Ramón said as soon as the game ended at Nicolás Leoz.

Beyond the bulky result at the end, it was not easy. In fact she was losing in the second half. And the DT added: “What the team has is the spirit to fight to the end. We started very well, then we had some difficulties and then the players had a temper and put what they had to do to win. “

There are many who raised their level in Libertad, although Oscar Cardozo stands out, emblem of the team, the National Team and Paraguayan football. However, in this Ramón team, Tacuara has to start from the bench, since the starter is Adrián Martínez, who this Saturday opened the scoring versus Guaireña.

“In these last games we decided on Adrián, because we wanted there to be a very high pressure. Tacuara is a very important player for us, we talk about it with him. But we also need constant pressure at the start and that’s why Adrián”, explained the Naked, who also said: “It makes me happy that the forwards can solve.”


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