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Four new deals came about on Monday evening at “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Also included: an “attractive toilet brush” and dumplings in a glass.

A total of five founding teams presented their ideas on October 12 at “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Four of them were able to convince. Particularly popular: the product “Loomaid”. In addition to the “attractive toilet brush”, body measurement software, an intelligent fitness band, dumplings in a glass and a new beauty product entered the running for the favor of Judith Williams (49, “How dreams learn to fly”), Carsten Maschmeyer ( 61), Nico Rosberg (35), Ralf Dümmel (53), Dagmar Wöhrl (66), Georg Kofler (63) and Nils Glagau (44).

Munich’s highly talented duo grabbed Maschmeyer

It all started with a Munich founding duo, consisting of the Bulgarian computer scientist Tomislav Tomov (28) and the German business psychologist Leon Szeli (26). With “Presize.ai” the two want to solve “the biggest problem in online trading”. The smartphone body sizing software measures the human body “with just one turn of the body” before it is bought. The aim is to reduce the number of returns in the fashion trade in the future.

The Lions liked the pitch not only because of the impressive résumés of the gifted founders, but also because of the high potential of interest on the part of the fashion industry. However, Ralf Dümmel, Georg Kofler, Dagmar Wöhrl and Nils Glagau did not want to invest the desired 650,000 euros for ten percent of the company shares. The only remaining lion, Carsten Maschmeyer, made an offer, but for 25 percent of the shares. In the end, after “exhausting negotiations” with Maschmeyer, Tomov and Szeli agreed on 15 percent.

Two lions want the self-cleaning toilet brush

“Loomaid” was not about a “toilet cleaner”, as Nico Rosberg freely translated, but about a toilet brush with a lotus effect. With their start-up, the two brothers Jan-Peter (43) and Andres Psczolla (34) want to usher in the “revolution of everyday life” – but for ten years now, which made Carsten Maschmeyer suspicious.

Investor Judith Williams congratulated the brothers on the “most attractive toilet brush” they “have ever seen”. However, she did not want to invest 200,000 euros for 20 percent of the company’s shares; in her opinion, the founders had “slept through” the right time. In return, both Dagmar Wöhrl and Ralf Dümmel accepted an offer. The Psczollas ultimately decided on Dümmel.

Nico Rosberg couldn’t convince the “Straffr” fitness band

“Straffr”, a fitness tool for on the go, appeared to be extremely promising. The idea for the intelligent fitness band, which transmits training data directly to an app, came from a three-person founding team from Kassel in northern Hesse. Hanno (30), Torben (28) and Stefan (30) integrated different training programs into the app, worked together with physiotherapists and personal trainers during the development and want to “fight the increasing lack of exercise in our society”.

The sporty founders expressed hopes that they would be able to convince ex-Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg of their start-up idea. Born in Wiesbaden, he was immediately interested and tested the product. The high sales price of 99 euros and the late expectation of a profit only in the third financial year made all lions hesitate, especially since the product is not yet on the market. None of the lions – not even Rosberg – wanted to make the desired 300,000 euros for 20 percent of the company shares.

Ralf Dümmel becomes a dumpling investor

Things went better for dumpling fans Felix Pfeffer (36) and Janine Trappe (34). The lions were already enthusiastic about the culinary topic, they exchanged ideas about their favorite variants. The product “Knödelkult” gives leftover bread a “second life”, the five types of bread dumplings in the jar are made entirely from “saved bread”. After the presentation and a sample tasting, the lions were nevertheless divided.

“Actually, it doesn’t have much to do with dumplings,” said the native South Tyrolean Georg Kofler, although he found the idea “innovative”. In the end, the risk on the investor side was too great for him, like Judith Williams, he withdrew. Dagmar Wöhrl allowed himself to be carried away with great praise instead of an offer. It is important “that there are people like her who ensure” that leftover bread does not end up in the trash, said the 66-year-old. In the end, Ralf Dümmel offered 250,000 euros for 25 instead of the original ten percent of the shares. Leo and founder met at 15 percent.

Judith Williams joins the natural cosmetics boutique

The fifth and final pitch was made by the couple Lucy (36) and Peter Leiter (42). The duo wanted an offer of 200,000 euros for 20 percent of the company’s shares in “So Rose”, a new vegan facial toner based on rose water. During a trip to Hong Kong, the two first came into contact with Asian cosmetics and founded Shishi Chérie, an online boutique for “high-quality Japanese and Korean natural cosmetics”. “So Rose” they want to create from it.

Carsten Maschmeyer was bothered by the wide spread between the production costs and the product price. The fact that there are no professional studies on the quality of “So Rose” made the rest of the lions hesitate. Judith Williams went all out and offered the founders the desired amount – not as an investment in “So Rose”, but in Shishi Chérie. In addition, she demanded a whopping 33.3 percent of the shares in the company. The leaders still saw the experienced beauty entrepreneur as the right investor – and closed the deal.


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