On November 26, the wake and burial of Diego Armando Maradona, who died on the 25th due to a cardiorespiratory arrest, was celebrated. All the lights were on the Casa Rosada, where the burning chapel of ten Argentine, and that the disturbances that occurred both inside and outside caused it to end before its time. However, throughout the day, there was a moment when attention was focused on what was happening in social networks.

The controversy broke out after three men, Diego Molina, Claudio Fernández and

Ismael Fernández, who apparently worked in the company that was in charge of Maradona’s funeral service, take a photo with the corpse of ’10’ and share it on social networks. Something that did not take long to spread like wildfire and was reproduced after a while with two other individuals sharing their own photo.

Some events that raised great indignation in Argentina, with Maradona’s lawyer, Matías Morla, as the singing voice, sharing some threats to the culprits and unmasking the identity of one of them. “I’m going to personally take care of finding the scoundrel who took that photograph,” he began by posting, before sharing Molina’s name. “For the memory of my friend I will not rest until I pay for such an aberration,” he added.

However, these threats “are nothing” compared to others that have begun to circulate on social networks, especially by brave bars and fans outraged by the actions of Molina and the Fernández.

In fact, there is also a rumor around the networks that ‘la 12’, the Boca Juniors fans where Maradona is revered, He already found Molina and they gave him a beating, leaving him in the ICU. Another version that is talked about in networks is that the brave bar reached kill him, as reported by some users and collected by some Argentine media, but without official confirmation.