Raikkonen: We could be faster in the rain

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Alfa Romeo has failed to build on yesterday’s success. Antonio Giovinazzi retired due to gearbox problems, and Kimi Raikkonen rode alone for most of the race and finished 15th.

Frederick Wasser, team leader: “We were unable to take advantage of the excellent results of yesterday’s qualification, when our car was one of the fastest on the track. Difficult race, today it was very difficult to work with tires. Perhaps we could control everything on a wet road, but problems arose on the drying asphalt.

At the beginning of the race, we took Giovinazzi’s car out of the race due to a mechanical problem, and Kimi finished 15th, although we expected a different result. At least, the plus is that we did not lose to our rivals and, three races before the end of the season, we are one step closer to securing the eighth place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen (15th): “Far from the most interesting race for me, but we expected it, having learned about the weather. Perhaps in the rain conditions we would have been faster, but the changeable conditions did not help us. It was difficult to get the rubber into the working range, and when it did, the tires worked effectively for only 10 laps, and then they stopped holding the track, so I could not find the right rhythm. At least we didn’t lose points to our rivals in the constructors’ championship ”.

Antonio Giovinazzi (retirement): “After the excellent results in yesterday’s qualification, we had a difficult race. On my way to the starting grid, I lost control of the car, but luckily only the front wing was damaged. The team replaced him and prepared the car for the start.

Unfortunately, my race did not last long: there was a problem with the gearbox, so I had to get off. Such a day. The conditions were even more difficult than yesterday, and in the end we were out of luck. I’m just waiting for the next race. “



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