Kimi Raikkonen he has always identified with great pilots of the past because of his more wayward lifestyle, especially before marrying Minttu Virtanen (currently Minttu Raikkonen), with whom he shares two children, Robin and Rianna Angelia Milana.

One of them is James Hunt, the late 1976 world champion whose hobbies were anything but healthy: drank and smoked excessively, was a womanizer, flirted with substances illicit typical of that time … It all comes down to one of the stickers that he carried in his Hesketh 308: “Sex, the breakfast of champions”. Like Raikkonen, he was only champion once, despite being considered by many to be one of the fastest of his time.

The current king of Formula 1 is very different. While Hunt was a loose man and used to wear jeans and a T-shirt, Lewis Hamilton usually carry most extravagant outfits and a somewhat peculiar lifestyle, from his militant veganism even an activism that is costing him criticism and praise in equal measure, but highly polarized.

This spotlight is what Raikkonen has compared on his instagram. In an obvious mockery of Hamilton, the Alfa Romeo F1 driver shared two stories on instagram with remarkable irony and a good dose of moped.

In the first image, use the text “Evolution of the Formula 1 driver”, place Hunt and Hamilton, the first smoking shirtless and the second with a scooter and a plaid outfit, including a fisherman’s hat. In the second, to top it all off, he puts himself in a spree photo, with the face of having drunk the port of Monaco and a cigar in hand. The text: “Don’t worry, not all hope is lost”

Kimi Raikkonen teasing Lewis Hamilton
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