Raikkonen: Preparing for the weekend like any other

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The Alfa Romeo team is preparing for the Eifel Grand Prix, which will mark the 324th start of Kimi Raikkonen in Formula 1 – a new record in the history of the championship, but the Finnish driver does not attach much importance to this.

Kimi Raikkonen: “Regardless of the records, I prepare for the upcoming weekend the same way as for any other, because when you get behind the wheel, the sensations are about the same. You must complete the task before you, try to achieve the best possible result both on Saturday and Sunday.

Recently we have moved forward, but we still need to perform better in qualifications in order to take full advantage of the pace of the car in the races. I hope we can do it this weekend.

I took part in the Nurburgring more than once, in my opinion, I won races a couple of times, although sometimes I was unlucky, but this is motorsport. In the end, you only remember the good things, so you have to try to ensure that after this weekend you will have just such memories. “

Antonio Giovinazzi: “After several previous races, our confidence has strengthened a little, we know that we have reduced the gap with the closest rivals, and if done correctly, it will allow us to be in the thick of the struggle. As always, it is important to conduct the qualification better and act competently during the race – then, if there is an opportunity to show a good result, we will use it.

I have good memories with the Nürburgring: I competed on this track in Formula 3, won the race and climbed to the podium a couple of times. “

Frederick Wasser, Team Leader: “Nice to be back on the Nürburgring, this is a great circuit, the name of which is associated with the Nordschleife and the classic period in Formula 1 history.

In the last races we saw signs of improvement, this is encouraging, although points are given not for this, but for finishing in the top ten, and to achieve this is our task. The weather is expected to be colder than in previous stages, and in order to perform well, you need to find the right settings to suit these conditions.

The weather in the Eifel mountains is famous for its volatility, which can mix all the cards on Saturday and Sunday, so we must be prepared to respond to changing circumstances. We know that both of our cars can go to the second part of qualification, that should be our goal. If we reach it, then on the day of the race we will be able to compete for points. “



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