In recent days, several news reports have claimed that Kimi Räikkönen has decided on his future, extended his contract to 2021, and more precisely sharpened his option to do so with Alfa Romeo. Some also thought they knew Finnish teammate Mick Schumacher would be next year, and the announcement would be made on Friday.

Räikkönen stated before the weekend’s Eifel Grand Prix that not a word from the rumors was true.

“If they believe the news, it’s true, but there was never an extension option in my contract, maybe that sheds light on the truth,” Räikkönen began.

“I’ve read so much in recent years that I don’t even follow the news anymore. 90 percent of those who appeared in the press are very far from the truth, with the remaining 10 percent you can only start something. ”

“I didn’t sign anything. I didn’t sign last week, a month ago, yesterday, not even today. We’ll see.”

“I don’t know yet if I’ll be here next year, nothing has been decided. There have been some conversations with the team, but ultimately it will be up to me to decide what I want to do. ”

Räikkönen will finish his 323th Grand Prix this weekend, breaking Rubens Barrichello’s record, he will be the most experienced Formula One driver of all time.