Rafael Miguel’s girlfriend comments on his father’s possible arrest: ‘Relief, amazement and peace’

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Accused of murdering Rafael Miguel in 2019, Paulo Cupertino Matias was arrested today in the interior of Paraná on Wednesday (28). According to TV Globo’s “SP1”, the merchant was recognized by police officers at a traffic stop in the city of Centenário do Sul. “For the time being it is inform, not information. What I received from the general delegate is that we are still looking for confirmation of this event. . It is not confirmed, “said General João Camilo Pires de Campos, Secretary of Public Security of São Paulo. The actor’s girlfriend, Isabela Tibcherani spoke on Instagram. “I’m processing everything. Please give me a little time. The news came suddenly and I was not ready. I’ll be in touch soon. I can only say that the feeling is indescribable, of relief, amazement and peace “, said the young woman, criticized after the tragedy. At the time, Isabela asked in court, through a lawyer, for a protective measure against her father.

Rafael Miguel’s sister comments on the arrest of the actor’s killer

Facing grief after the death of her parents and brother, Camilla Miguel also spoke about Paulo’s arrest. “I had no more hope. I was surprised by the news like you. That was a burden on my shoulder that I avoided so much that I wouldn’t fall. I was afraid, very afraid. Nothing will heal me or take away the eternal burden, but I am feeling a ghost giant just leave me at the moment. I just hope that the correct thing is done. Thank you for the messages, affection, strength. We have been following our lives with a lot of light, now we can continue with a little more peace. I am not able to speak at the moment and or anything to add, I apologize to the journalists getting in touch. May peace and love prevail “, he commented.

Paulo Cupertino Matias reportedly made a false document in PR

Earlier in the week, it was discovered that Cupertino made a false document, using a birth certificate, at first, real, in the name of someone else. The procedure was carried out at the IIPR Post (Paraná Identification Institute) in partnership with the City Hall of Jataizinho. The investigation began after a complaint made by the Civil Police of SP in August. In addition to the RG registered in Paraná, according to “Globo News”, Paulo would also have taken out a new CPF (Individual Taxpayer Register) in the city of Ponta Porã, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Remember the case

Rafael and his parents, João and Miriam, were shot after going to Isabela’s house. The crime took place on Estrada do Alvarenga, in the Pedreira neighborhood, in the south of São Paulo. Father of the actor’s girlfriend, Paulo was the author of the shots. He was against his daughter’s relationship with Rafael. In the same month, Justice decreed Cupertino’s temporary arrest. A year later, his temporary arrest warrant was converted into preventive. He is charged with triple-qualified murder. Rafael was known to star in a commercial in which he ordered broccoli for his mother in a market. Subsequently, he played Paçoca in the remake of SBT’s soap opera “Chiquititas”.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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