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The Democratic Center movement began the process to register before the National Electoral Council the binomial made up of Andrés Aráuz (Presidency) and the former president. Doubts about its validity.

The Democratic Center movement started the process to register Before the National Electoral Council of Ecuador the binomial made up of Andrés Aráuz (Presidency) and former President Rafael Correa (Vice Presidency), although the electoral body does not have in the records the acceptance of the latter’s candidacy.

The communication department of the National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed that the Correismo entered last night “the online documentation for the registration of the binomial”.

A source from the CNE told Efe that after the notification of this binomial, the documentation review process.

Last Monday, the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, indicated that they will analyze how to proceed with the correista candidacy headed by Arauz as a candidate for the Presidency and that they have three alternatives, among them, an eventual disqualification of the entire binomial.

Atamaint stressed that the decision will be based on legal reports, with “total adherence to the law and the Constitution.”

The correista binomial elected Correa in a process of internal democracy as a candidate for the Vice Presidency, application that was not settled in the CNE.

Atamaint clarified that this pre-candidacy could not be qualified since Correa, who is in Belgium where he resides after leaving power in 2017, “did not accept in person in person, as determined by the regulation “.

Correísmo maintains that the former ruler (2007-2017) did accept the appointment electronically and interprets that he should not necessarily be present.

Despite the fact that Centro Democrático (List 1) announced last week as a substitute for Correa In the binomial to the journalist Carlos Rabascall, this has not yet been formalized before the electoral entity.

Given this circumstance, Atamaint said, “we will wait for them to present the registration documents to make a decision.”

“The legal reports will tell us what to do: If the entire binomial is rejected, the vice-president’s candidacy is rejected and what remedial measures could be given, if any, or the final disqualification of the candidacy “, he claimed.

The president insisted that each of the options “will have a legal basis” based on which “the Plenary (of the CNE) will have to decide.”

On September 7, a Court of Cassation of the National Court of Justice (CNJ) scrapped a last resort presented by Correa to try to annul the eight-year prison sentence in the so-called “Bribes 2012-2016” case, which investigated the crime of bribery in the irregular financing of the former president’s political group.

With that opinion, Correa was disabled to participate in the next elections as a candidate for the Vice Presidency.

Atamaint said that until last Friday, when the registration process for political candidates was formally opened, the highest voting body in the country had counted 16 pre-candidacies to the Presidency and 15 to the Vice Presidency.

The CNE officially called the presidential and legislative elections last Thursday by February 7, 2021, to which more than 13 million voters are called to vote.


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