“Rafael and Niclas like each other very much”

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Sylvie Meis about her honeymoon, her ring – and why her second wedding was even more exciting than the first with Rafael van der Vaart.

She brought the sun with her. Sylvie Meis, 42, smiles when she presents her jewelry collection at the Hamburg luxury hotel “The Fontenay” together with the Amsterdam label Vedder & Vedder. The wedding with the artist Niclas Castello, 42, in Florence and the honeymoon on Capri were only a few days ago.

Sylvie Meis on her dream wedding in Florence

“I have a lot of wonderful memories in my luggage,” says Sylvie. In the goodie bags that her good friends got on the occasion of the wedding, there were also personalized gold chains from their collection as small souvenirs.

GALA: Have you ever taken off your wedding ring in the past few days?
Sylvie Meis:
Only for sleeping – and when I wash my face. The diamonds are too beautiful for that.

It sparkles like crazy!
Yes i have a good husband (laughs) The ring is five carats. Sylvie Meis + Niclas Castello: The photos of their wedding

Did you give each other presents for the wedding?
We’ll do that now. We want to give each other watches because they represent the time we will spend together. For me it is already the second marriage. In your early 40s you make more conscious decisions about who you want to share your life with.

They seemed more excited than when they first married Rafael van der Vaart.
Yes indeed. Back then, in 2005, the ceremony was broadcast live on TV, it was a huge thing. But still this time I had more respect.

Sylvie Meis: Your parents couldn’t be there at your wedding

What was the most emotional moment now?
It was very hard that my parents weren’t there because of Corona. They didn’t want to take any chances. But they were hooked up via Facetime and were the first to see my clothes.

With how many suitcases did you go for the glitter?
The wedding dresses were brought back by car by my in-laws. So I only had a suitcase and a half with me – which was still way too much. I hardly changed because we had bad weather for a few days. I did sport in the morning. Then we made ourselves cozy in the hotel room. We ordered room service, drank champagne, watched Netflix and chilled.

“I get on really well with Rafael and his Estavana”

Is your everyday life changing now?
Not at all. When the Corona crisis is over, Niclas and I will be in the USA more often because he has a lot to do professionally there. I love that he is so creative! There is a kissing mouth sculpture of him on my desk. If we move to a bigger house with a garden, it will be full of his art. Unfortunately we have not yet found a suitable property in Hamburg. As before, my son Damián mainly lives with his father in Denmark and visits us regularly.

What’s your secret to good patchwork?
I get on really well with Rafael and his Estavana. And I love their little daughter Jesslynn. Sometimes it takes time, then the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fall right. I think Niclas is the last piece that was missing. My husband and ex-husband are also very fond of each other. When we have a glass of wine with Rafael and Estavana, time flies by.

Sources used: Own interview


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