The return of Rafa Nadal to the slopes in the Masters 1,000 de Roma left a solid triumph over the recent semifinalist of the US Open Pablo Carreño, although he also left other images, such as that of the mask that he wore the Balearic tennis player.

Of the outfit with which Nadal entered the court in the run-up to the match against Carreño, he highlighteda novel mask, which is for sale and is also causing a sensation among its followers.

These are yellow masks with the design and motifs of the Rafa Nadal Academy, are made of breathable and waterproof double fabric fabric, which is easily adapts to the face thanks also to the adjustable rubber bands behind the ears, note the product description.

The Nadal academy website also explains that the masks have the required health certificates, although he warns that “it is not a medical device, but a personal protection device to feel more secure and protect each other ”.

The masks can be purchased through the Rafa Nadal Academy website and the prices of the masks start at 9.90 euros that cost those of children up to 12.90 euros that cost those of adults, although the corresponding shipping costs will have to be added.

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The masks are now available and can be purchased in various colors: yellow (with the tennis player’s silhouette), white and dark blue. In addition, the little ones also have at their disposal a mask that they call “colorful” that represents a landscape with a tennis court.