Rafa Nadal has recognized that this year he faces Roland Garros, the ‘Grand Slam’ that he has won twelve times in his career, in conditions “more complicated” than ever, since it is cold and new Wilson ball to be used in the tournament is “very heavy and very slow”, something that makes it “dangerous to the elbow and shoulders”, and is almost like hitting “a stone”.

“It is a strange situation for everyone. The playing conditions in Rome were quite good, here they are difficult. It’s cold, it’s hard for everyone. This morning, in training, it was 9 ° C, these are extreme conditions to play an outdoor tournament on land, “he declared at a press conference this Friday about the change of dates from the end of May and the beginning of June to the end of September. and early October for the coronavirus pandemic.

So, the Spaniard considers that he will participate in his fetish tournament in the “most complicated” conditions he has ever experienced in Paris. “The playing conditions are the most complicated I have known here. The ball is very heavy, very slow, it is cold, the conditions are slow, I have had less preparation than usual … It is true that it’s the same conditions for everyone and I’m here to fight“, he pointed.

The new balls of the event, which will replace the traditional Babolat, are one of the main complaints of Manacor. “I practiced with the balls in Mallorca before the return. In Mallorca there are warm conditions, the ball was very slow and heavy, and here with this weather it’s like hitting a stone. I don’t think it’s a good ball to play on clay. That is my personal opinion, “he said.

“These conditions make things more difficult. But I knew it before I got here, so there is no problem at all. I will simply accept the challenge“continued the number two in the world.