The proposal for the Caja Mágica de Madrid to be renamed Rafa Nadal Magic Box it will not proceed for the moment. The plenary session of the Madrid City Council decided postpone discussion of the proposition formulated by the group of Vox and that was amended by Citizens, to be executed when the athlete stops participating in professional competitions.

Councilor Sea Espinar alluded to article 65.3 of the organic regulation of the plenary session, by which any councilor may request, during the debate, the withdrawal of any file included on the agenda, to be incorporated into the same documents or reports, and also that the file remains on the table, deferring their discussion to the next session.

Espinar explained that the postponement comes for a request from the tennis player and his environment, to whom they have not been consulted his opinion on the possibility of Nadal naming the Madrid facility.

“We want to give a voice, both of the tennis player as of his team, which let us know that they have contacted both the proposing group and the Government asking not to be debated Today this proposal in plenary session since they considered that it is not the moment due to a possible conflict of interest ”, informed the councilor in plenary session.

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Therefore, he requested that the proposal be kept “on the table and debated in the plenary session that is considered, and always by the hand and with the Rafa Nadal’s consent to assign his name to the Magic Box “.

In voting on the application of the article after the debate PSOE Y More Madrid voted in favor, PP Y Citizens they abstained and Vox voted against, so the proposal was on the table for the next plenary session.