More than a hundred protesters blocked access roads and tied themselves to the gates of Newsprinters in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire (southern England). They also blocked access to a printing house near Liverpool last night.

Deliveries of national newspapers, including The Sun, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Financial Times, were affected, with Newsprinters forced to relocate them to other locations.

“This attack on the independent press had an impact on the workers who were doing their job. Nightclub workers, delivery drivers, wholesalers and media outlets faced delays and financial penalties. It is a matter for the police and the interior ministry to deal with, “the company said.

Homeland Security Secretary Priti Patel spoke harshly about the protesters’ actions: “This morning, people across the country will no longer be able to read their newspaper because of the Extinction Rebellion. This attack on our independent press, society and democracy is unacceptable. “

At six in the morning (8 o’clock, Romanian time), the transport trucks had not yet left Broxbourne, the Hertfordshire police transmitted. 30 people were arrested.

Extinction Rebellion, published in 2018, declares itself an international non-violent activist movement that advocates the declaration of a “climate and ecological emergency”.

The group aims to zero carbon emissions by 2025. One requirement of the group is to create a body through which citizens can make decisions about climate and environmental threats.

“5 billionaires control over 70% of the British media. Last night, the groups Extinct Rebellion blocked the printing houses of The Sun, The Times, The Sun Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, as well as The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and The London Evening Standard. denounces the fact that those in charge of these corporations manipulate the truth in favor of their own political and personal agendas.

“The right-wing media is a barrier to the truth, failing to reflect the scale and urgency of the crisis and hold the government accountable. The news of many of the newspapers printed here pollutes the national debate on climate change, immigration policy, the rights and treatment of minority groups and dozens of other issues, “the organization’s message reads.

“The truth is held captive and we are alike. We must release the truth. “