French football is shocked by the revelations of the former international Patrice Evra, who played in clubs like him Manchester United, the Juventus or the Marsella Olympic, and that he assures that he experienced serious racist attacks in the national team.

The words of Euro, who played with the national team between 2004 and 2015, come in response to the statements of the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) Nöel Le Graët, who denied the existence of racism in football.

Evra not only criticizes the words of the leader, but also uncover racist incidents at headquarters in which the combined ‘bleu’ usually concentrates, in a video that he published on his social networks and dedicated to the highest representative of French football, with the text: “I have a shocking message about racism.”

“You know well what happens at the ‘Château’. How many racist letters do we receive? ‘Didi (by Deschamps) take your monkeys and go to Africa’. How many letters like this do we receive against the players? “, the ex-footballer snaps at Le Graët.

Evra went further and regretted that “we hide them … I have seen some. we get boxes full of poop“.

The thing did not stop there, since the former defense criticized that “we have assigned places when we eat. But every time the President of the Republic or other politicians came, everything changed … I was sitting down and, suddenly, they put me at the end of the table. You had to change and they put Hugo Lloris already Laurent Koscielny with the president in the middle. But we knew what the rules were of the game”.

Evra directly accuses the president of the FFF that “when he wanted a photo it was better to get with Lloris or Koscielny instead of Sakho o de Sagna“.

As if that were not enough, the ex-footballer assures that racism still exists in France but also accuses the highest football organization of his country of hide these episodes so that they did not come to light, which is a serious blow to the FFF and its president.