Racing sells Matías Zaracho and reaches a shocking figure due to transfers in recent years

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The Avellaneda club will transfer the wheel to Atlético Mineiro from Brazil, where it will be led by Sampaoli.

Racing has long been transformed into a talent export club. From 2010 to the present, it is possible to say that he lived a true decade gained. Especially since 2013, when the current leadership took over the institution. This is not political propaganda, of course. To the real and verifiable numbers of the celestial and white treasury it will be necessary to refer: the Academia He sold home-made soccer players for more than $ 80 million.

And in these hours, while the team enjoys qualifying for the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores, another pass was closed. Matías Zaracho will play in Atlético Mineiro. The Brazilian club will pay $ 6 million net for 50% of the token. The footballer, on the other hand, gave up the 15% that corresponds to him for the transfer. “It is a gesture to stand out,” President Víctor Blanco told Clarion.

Why did Racing decide to sell one of its jewels in full competition? The technical secretariat headed by Diego Milito considered that there is an overcrowding of midfielders in the squad, where it has Augusto Solari, Walter Montoya, Thiago Banega, Carlos Alcaraz and Agustín Rojas. Therefore, it will also free the Octopus González, who has not yet found a club.

The lawyers are finishing drawing up the contracts and everything will be resolved with digital signatures. Zaracho, meanwhile, has already begun to say goodbye to his colleagues. This week a plane will be taken to Belo Horizonte.

Zaracho, 22, was trained at the Tita Mattiussi estate, and from the quarry he jumped to First in 2016. Jorge Sampaoli had him seen from the National Team. The right-handed midfielder born in Wilde was sparring in the previous World Cup in Russia. And he had already had his eye on it during his repeated visits to the Cylinder. At the time, he was closely following Lautaro Martínez, whom he ultimately did not include on the 23-player list.

Sampaoli, who has a great relationship with Milito, communicated directly with the manager. Then Blanco advanced in the negotiation. And everything was resolved.

Racing preferred to retain a percentage of the pass, in this case half, because it aspires to a better sale from Brazil to Europe. If so, the remaining 50% could be revalued. In addition, he wants to promote other youth. In a country in crisis and with incomes cut by the football squad, no matter how well managed the club is, it needs dollars. Although you will only receive pesos in your account, like any export agent: the pass will be liquefied at the official exchange rate (77.15 at the close of the exchange market, prior to the holiday). They are the rules of the game in Argentina of the controversial stocks.

Zaracho could not play in the restart of the activity. When he was concentrating for the game with Nacional, the club’s doctors detected that the steering wheel was infected with coronavirus. For that reason, he had to isolate himself. He did not play any of the three Cup duels. His last time with the Racing jersey was on March 15, before the ASPO (Social, Preventive and Compulsory Isolation) decree. It was in Mar del Plata, before Aldosivi, and the Academia won 4 to 3.

Nor could he be part of the call for Lionel Scaloni, the coach who made him debut in the Argentine National Team. It will be Sampaoli, who also sat on the national bench, the one who propels him in this new stage of his career.



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