Quick Logo Sting Pack 03: Simple & Elegant

Looking for a professional and easy-to-use logo animation package? Check out Quick Logo Sting Pack 03, featuring simple yet elegant designs to enhance your branding.

Quick Logo Sting Pack 03: Simple and Elegant

Are you tired of having lengthy logo animations that bore your viewers? Want to grab their attention with a simple, clean, and minimalist look? Look no further than Quick Logo Sting Pack 03: Simple and Elegant.

The Benefits of Quick Logo Stings

The purpose of these quick logo stings is to ensure maximum attention on your brand without annoying or upsetting the viewer. With a duration under ten seconds, they can be used as an intro/outro or eye-candy between scenes. Their simplicity allows for repeated use without becoming tedious for the viewer.

All Basic Customization Options in One Layer

All eighteen projects are well-structured and easy to customize. You have access to all basic customization options such as colors, flare brightness positions; more advanced options include changing the width of outlines or extrusion depth (in 3D projects). All controls are linked together in one control layer so that you can create something unique every time!

  • 18 Unique Animations:
  • A simple & clean minimalistic look makes sure your logo gets noticed by potential clients.
  • No plugins required – It’s just After Effects CS4+
  • Easily customizable with Control Layers
  • .


          A Full After Effects CS4 Template: Elegant Logo (with prerendered Optical Flares)


      To sum it up: This package offers twenty ready-to-render after-effects projects where all you need is drop in your logo design onto specified layer write text if needed then hit render! Want background changes color animations’ adjustments no problem! Everything managed through single control tab.

      Still not convinced?

      Check out some additional images below:



      Sounds aren’t included but can be bought at Audiojungle from fellow author Neoclassic who contributed seven sounds into this pack.

      Some synced sound effects:


      Music used was purchased here.

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