Questions and answers about the de-escalation in Catalonia: clarifying doubts

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The Government of Catalonia has already prepared a plan to de-escalate restrictions due to the covid-19 pandemic, which will start next Monday, November 23. It will be a month until Christmas Eve. Here we present some of the questions that you might ask yourself thinking about next Christmas that will undoubtedly be unpublished.

I am Galician and I live in Barcelona. Will I be able to go to Galicia?

Sorry, but no, you will not spend this Christmas in Galicia. You will have to stay in Barcelona unless you have to travel to Galicia for a good reason, such as the death of a family member. They won’t be able to come and spend Christmas Eve with you either. The third phase of the de-escalation, which is the one that will affect the bulk of Christmas, contemplates that the entry and exit of Catalonia will continue to be restricted in December. In other words, the perimeter confinement and it will do so during the four phases of de-escalation. Regarding the confinement of weekends in Catalonia, during Christmas it will be between health areas, and will continue to be limited from 06:00 on Friday to 06:00 on Monday. The weekend confinement will be lifted in the last phase of the de-escalation, starting in January.

What time do I come home after Christmas Eve?

Questions and answers about the de-escalation in Catalonia: clarifying doubts

According to the de-escalation plan of the Government of Catalonia, the curfew, that does not allow driving on the street between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (except for justifiable reasons), it will be in force throughout all phases and will only be lifted when the de-escalation has finished. With the document on the table, at this time at 10 p.m. on December 24, you will have to be at home after having dinner with your family (meeting in which there cannot be more than 10 people). However, the curfew may be make flexible, at least during the days of celebration. In other communities (with a lower incidence of the pandemic, yes), the curfew begins at 00.00. It is likely that this is one of the points that the Government will modify.

Will I have a company dinner with my colleagues?

Questions and answers about the de-escalation in Catalonia: clarifying doubts

No. This will be the first year that there will be no major Christmas celebrations and that includes company dinners. The third phase of the de-escalation contemplates that both the interior and the terraces of bars, restaurants and hotels open only with a 50% capacity, and between 06.00 and 21.00 hours. Neither the schedule nor the capacity open the hand to having dinners for many people. In fact, social activities will be limited to a maximum of 10 people, corresponding to a maximum of two habitual coexistence bubbles or an enlarged bubble. In addition, taking into account that many people are teleworking, something that the Government asks companies to promote, it would not make much sense or be very responsible for having dinners later. They remain for next year.

Where to buy Christmas gifts?

Questions and answers about the de-escalation in Catalonia: clarifying doubts

You can do it in your usual stores or shopping centers, you will simply have to be prepared to queue. In the week of December 21, the small business will open with a 50% capacity. It is a measure that will be applied to the entire sales area in premises and establishments of more than 800 square meters. In addition, malls They will open at 30%, except for common areas. If you make your purchases before December 21st, in small businesses the capacity will also be 50%, but shopping centers (except those stores that are considered to sell essential goods) will be closed. I said: you can make the same purchases as always but, given the reduction in capacity, citizens will have to arm themselves with patience and queue.

Will I be able to see a representation of the ‘Pastorets’?

Questions and answers about the de-escalation in Catalonia: clarifying doubts

This year there will not only be no company dinners, but there will also be no Christmas celebrations. The government’s de-escalation plan is clear in this regard: social activities will be limited to a maximum of 10 people. So we will not see large crowds in closed spaces to see the classic representations of each year. The idea is, at all costs, to avoid that many people get together in a small space. The indoor play areas for children will be closed, as will the local festivals, bingo halls, casinos and game rooms. The Procicat has already warned that the arrival of the Magi will be different this year and will have a different format. They will arrive in Barcelona, ​​yes, but they will not have an audience. Their arrival by boat will be seen on television and the delivery of letters will be by appointment.



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