Quentin Tarantino signs a two-book contract with Harper & Collins. Let’s see which ones

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Quentin Tarantino does not remain inactive but signs a contract with the Harper & Collins publishing house for two books: a novel and a novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Let’s go back to talking about Quentin Tarantino’s literary activities which, in the forced absence of the cinematographic ones, interest us a lot. The director signed a contract for two books with the publishing house Harper & Collins. What is it about?

Once upon a time … in Hollywood revisited

The first is what it is called “novelization”, that is a novel that comes to life from a film, dedicated to his beloved and super-awarded Once upon a time … in Hollywood. The book will be released directly in paperback edition in the summer of 2021, as well as as an e-book and audiobook. A deluxe version will also arrive in the fall.

Unlike the classic novelizations, which often limited themselves to telling what happened in the film, that of Tarantino will tell the lives of the two protagonists, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth, both in the past and in the future compared to what we saw on the screen, thus opening up new scenarios compared to those we have seen.

For example, we will read a part dedicated to Dalton who tries to extend his career in Italian genre cinema. And we will know who he met Burt Reynolds (who was supposed to play George Spahn in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, if he had not missed during the tests) and the less known Pete Duel, protagonist of Alias Smith and Jones, suicidal at 31, very important for Tarantino in the construction of the characters. And on his way there will also be action stars and former football players, like Jim Brown e Fred Williamson. In short, it will be a real novel that will also tell what we have not seen in the film.

“I grew up reading novelizations in the 1970s,” he said Tarantino – “and even today I feel a lot of affection for the genre. So, as a fan of the novelizations of films, I am proud to announce with Once upon a time … in Hollywood my contribution to this sub-genre of literature, often marginalized, yet loved. . I am also thrilled to be able to further explore my characters and their world in a literary endeavor that I hope will be on par with its film counterpart. ”

Cinema Speculation

The Tarantino’s second literary enterprise instead it is an original work, entitled “Cinema Speculation”. The publisher describes it as “a deep dive into seventies cinema, a rich collection of essays, reviews, personal writing and titillating” what if “, by one of the most celebrated directors of cinema, as well as his major fans. “No other details are given of this, but we assume that it is the book that the good Quentin had talked about long ago with Martin Scorsese.


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