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Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie are on everyone’s lips. Now, for a change, there’s news about Mia Tindall, the daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall.

Die Royals im News-Ticker

29. September

Mia Tindall extends her elbows

Mike Tindall, 41, and Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips, 38, live with their daughters Mia Grace, six, and Lena Elizabeth, two, a life apart from royal duties and rarely appear in public as a family. In the podcast “The Good, The Bad & The Rugby”, rugby player Mike chats a little to the delight of Royal fans and reports that his oldest daughter is a little sportsman. “Mia played rugby for the first time this week (…). She really enjoyed it and will play football for the first time this weekend.” When asked if Mia is doing well on the rugby field, Tindall replies with a laugh: “Yes, she is quite aggressive”. His friend James Haskell, 35, also a rugby player, interjects: “She probably got that from her mother”. Mike admits, “Yeah, it’s a combination of both [Mias Ehrgeiz und Vererbung von Zara], I think.”

Mia’s mom is a successful and passionate rider; won silver at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In 2017, Mike Tindall revealed that Mia was taking riding lessons. Let’s see which sport is more fun for you in the long run – mom’s or dad’s.

Source used: mailonline.co.uk


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