Queen sofiaparticipated as a volunteer this Saturday for the fourth consecutive year in commemoration ofInternational Beach Cleaning Day at the start of a new edition of the ‘1m2 for the beaches and seas’ campaign, led by the Libera project, an SEO / BirdLife initiative in partnership with Ecoembes.

Doña Sofía went to Cala del Moral, in Malaga, to contribute to a garbage collection It was also attended by representatives of Spain in the European Commission, according to Libera.

In support of this commemoration and under the collaboration agreement that since 2018 unites the Reina Sofía Foundation with the Libera project, Queen Sofía gave the kick-off to the campaign, which will take place this year from September 26 to October 4. Any organization, association or entity can register through the website ‘proyectolibera.org’ and create garbage collection points on beaches and seas following all the security measures required by the current health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Queen Sofía participates in the cleaning of Cala del Moral (Malaga) at the beginning of the ‘1m2 for the beaches and the seas’ campaign.

In addition to carrying out waste collection tasks, Doña Sofía knew first-hand the work of the divers of the Marine Watch Network, an initiative in which volunteer divers from all over Spain and other countries participate, through which Libera coordinates the practice totality of ‘trash’ cleanings in the funds marine.

He also had the opportunity to meet the characterization work of the ‘garbage’ found, which is carried out through the Marnoba mobile application, developed by the Zero Waste Association and KAI Marine Services, a platform that collects, stores and displays information on marine litter from the coasts and seas of Spain. The data obtained in this citizen science campaign are integrated into the database of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge and will be added to the almost 300,000 objects already characterized and that Libera has compiled in its ‘Barometer of Garbage’.

The activity was also attended by Francisco Fonseca, director of the Representation of Spain in the European Commission; José Francisco Salado, mayor-president of Rincón de la Victoria; Óscar Martín, CEO of Ecoembes; Antonio Márquez, coordinator of the Marine Watch Network, and Gemma Infante, head of Ecodive, the local diving club that developed this cleaning.

Gloves and masks

At once the need to have responsibility for new waste generated by the health situation, gloves and masks, which, due to their use, cannot be reused and many of them end up in soils, rivers and beaches and not in their corresponding container, in this case the gray one.

Fonseca commented that this cleaning action is part of the commitment of the European institutions in favor of the cleanliness of the oceans, the removal of plastics that reach the seas and the protection of marine biodiversity and water quality, which contributes to “the fight against climate change, a fundamental priority of the Commission’s political action for the coming years. “

Martin considered “essential to join forces and take action together”. “Thanks to the unfailing support of Her Majesty Queen Sofía and her Foundation, we are making enormous progress in the fight against the abandonment of waste so that our seas and oceans will be free of ‘trash beauty’ in the not too distant future he added.

“The divers we are the eyes of the citizenry under the sea and often witnesses to how waste directly harms marine fauna and ecosystems. That is why we are especially pleased that personalities such as His Majesty Queen Sofía contribute to making the situation and our work visible “, concluded Márquez.