Queen Elizabeth cousin and close friend lady Elizabeth Shakerley, 79, is dead.

The Queen has been said to have been very close to her cousin, and Shakerley was therefore tasked with taking care of matters important to the Queen over the years.

Shakerley died early Sunday morning. His family was present in the last moments next to the bed.

Shakerley founded a company called Party Planners in the 1960s to host events. Among other things, Shakerley hosted numerous royal parties for his cousin Queen Elizabeth.

Over the years, the Queen’s cousin has been praised for her way of holding royal festivities. In 2012, Shakerley spoke in a rare Tatler magazine interview about the Queen’s preferences for flowers.

– For years, it was believed that the queen loved only yellow freesias. They were in all the table decorations. When I offered him other options, it turned out that he loves all kinds of flowers from peonies to white roses, he stated in 2012.

– The queen is the most careful mistress. He checks every dining room, every flower, every guest room and always chooses his own menu. We could all learn something from this, Shakerley said.

Shakerley had one daughter and two grandchildren. His wife was sir Geoffrey Shakerley, which died in 2012.

Source: Daily Mail