Qatar 2022 qualifying rounds: Far from the versions and with a full Lionel Messi, the dilemma in the National Team is how to accompany him

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Leo shows up in practice with no trace of eventual discomfort. Lionel Scaloni studies the best way to surround him so that he feels comfortable and his game explodes.

Beyond the intention is to treat him as one more, the National Team continues to revolve around the figure of Lionel Messi and it will always be that way. The best in the world can never cease to be the focus, regardless of the fact that inside the Ezeiza property he is shown one hundred percent integrated into the new group that Lionel Scaloni put together after the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

He was the first to arrive on Monday, along with Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes. And he is also the first at the time of training on the AFA courts, no signs of physical discomfort.

The uncertainty that surrounds Messi in recent days has more to do with what has been said from Barcelona than with what they see in the privacy of the Albiceleste bunker.

The news bomb that he was going to be a substitute last weekend against Betis made noise and awoke many versions about the real cause of the rest of Leo, who entered the second half and was dispatched with goals and assists for the final 5-2.

That he drags an ankle discomfort (it was never specified which one), that the bustle of matches in an intense start to the season between La Liga and the Champions League forced him to dose the energy so as not to be injured, that he himself asked to take care of himself knowing that then he would have to travel to join the national team for a new double knockout date …

It is not known for sure if it was one of all those questions – or a little of all – that led him to sit on the bench. Ronald Koeman limited himself to explaining that after the duel with Dynamo Kiev I had “annoyances” and it was not there for the 90 minutes. Your first collaborator, Alfred Schreuder, He specified a little more: “We are not talking about an injury, it is simply that he is not fresh.”

However, in the Selection they have no doubt about how the “10” is. From Ezeiza they assured Clarion that lionel showed no signs of discomfort or fatigue in the first training sessions.

He did exercises that even included jumps without problems and was seen hitting the arch several times with firmness on both his left and his supporting foot. Someone who wears an ankle between cottons would avoid doing certain jobs at least as a precaution. It is not your case.

Messi is fine and, if there are no surprises, he will play against Paraguay this Thursday at 21 in the Candy box. From that confirmation, Scaloni diagrams the rest of the formation. The DT born in Pujato has already defined a large part, because he will bet on the continuity of the base with which he has been playing for some time, but there are a couple of questions to be resolved.

One is to wait for the arrival of Lucas Martínez Quarta to find out if he will be able to go from the entrance to the central defense with Nicolás Otamendi. For their part, Lautaro Martínez, Nicolás Tagliafico and Nicolás Otamendi have some physical overload that they brought from Europe, although they would be in a position to be headlines.

And the other has to do with Messi and the game. Missing one more seasoning to the main course of Scaloni Argentina. A final ingredient to round off the starting team, and it is linked to giving the captain the ideal context to shine with the clothes of his country.

The coach has, unlike last month, already the samples of the first two games. For the production of The flea, The proposal made against Bolivia was the one that got the most juice, especially in the second half. There was a figure Exequiel Palacios, who had not played against Ecuador (Marcos Acuña, today absent due to injury).

What was done in La Paz could have earned Palacios the right to remain in the lineup. But now the DT has one of his favorite footballers: Giovani Lo Celso, who had to be discharged in October due to muscle problems.

That position on the left of the midfield is still in dispute and is key to surround Leo in the best possible way, and give him the necessary tools to perform in the moments and places on the field where he makes a difference like no one else on the planet.

The presence of Di María, one of the old guard which was not mentioned since the Copa América in Brazil, is another card that can be thrown on the cloth. Video He has the advantage of knowing Messi like few others. But a priori, the one from Paris Saint-Germain would be on the bench since the coach has him as a left-handed winger, a position in which Lucas Ocampos performed in the highlands.

To continue with the clean and jerk of the triumph achieved at the height is the premise of this Selection, which has Lionel Messi in and ready to advance on the path ending in Qatar.


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