QAnon: the great delusion is welcome in Trumpism

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Comedian Bill Maher pokes fun at the feverish conspiracy theory, all the rage among Republicans. “The lunatic of today is your representative of tomorrow,” he warns

Of the many conspiracy theories that plague the networks, none more feverish than QAnon. He argues that there is a plot by pedophiles, Satan worshipers and baby cannibals to dominate the world, involving Democratic leaders (the Clintons, Obamas), religious leaders (Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama), entertainment stars (Oprah Winfrey). , Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres) and, how could I miss it, George Soros. In front of all of them, only two heroes: Donald Trump, who tries to dismantle the plot and lock them all up in Guantánamo, and Q, the mysterious leader of the movement since 2017.

Comedian Bill Maher, Trump’s television scourge, appeared wearing a hoodie hacker in your program, Real Time (in Movistar +), to reveal that he is the real Q. “It makes perfect sense that I, libertine, atheist, stoner and enemy of Trump, is Q,” he scoffed, because the truth is the opposite of what it seems. So he encouraged the paranoid not to believe the date of the election or, if anything, go vote “the only one who will make America great again: Kanye West.”

But Maher put the finger on the sore: QAnon is strong in the Republican Party. Up to 71 aspiring candidates are close to the sect; T-shirts with the big Q are seen at Trump rallies, and the president himself said he didn’t know much about QAnon, but appreciated your support. On the right, Maher says, “today’s lunatic is your representative tomorrow.” How Marjorie Taylor Green, who won the Georgia primary by promising to stand up to Satanist and pedophile Democrats. Don’t laugh, lest we see her in four years in the caucus de Iowa.

Twitter and Facebook closed, very late as always, QAnon accounts. It did not help and the hallucinogenic theory is on the Internet. The worst thing is not that there is someone who is delirious, but that the delusion is welcome in conventional politics.


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