Putin’s clamorous silence

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Xi Jinping…. Day after day, the president-elect of the USA, Joe Biden, is receiving congratulations and congratulations from world leaders, despite the eventfulness of his triumph in the presidential elections of the November 3. However, among the few leaders planetary weight who have not yet sent the Democrat a good wishes message, one name stands out from all others: the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who during the last four years has not concealed his personal connection with the outgoing president Donald Trump and whose country is accused of having helped the New York tycoon to arrive at the White House in the previous electoral appointment of 2016.

Tanto Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin spokesman as Putin himself have explained repeatedly, before the insistent demands of journalists, the reasons why are not stated once and for all those minimal words of courtesy required each time there is a political relief of importance. And they have wanted to stop any speculation about the possibility that Moscow will eventually not recognize Biden’s presidency, ruling out in turn that such an attitude could end up having an impact on the quality of the future Russian-American contacts.

“We will accept any decision of the American people and we will work with Anyone that he gains the confidence of the American people, “the Russian president emphasized last Sunday on the first state television channel. However, he warned, the congratulatory message will materialize according to what he called” tradition, “” when one of the aspirants acknowledge the victory of the other, or when the results are proclaimed legitimate way“.

Tactical delay

Proven that this is a mere tactical delay, judging by Putin’s words, analysts Y observers try to discern what is the Russian leader trying to do by postponing a gesture that, sooner or later, must take place. “It’s hard to get into his mind, but I think he’s trying to send a message of strength, of sovereignty Y of independence, that they will not be intimidated “, before an Administration that, at least, will be more hostile than the previous one, assesses by telephone Tatiana Vorozheikina, teacher of the Moscow School of Economic and Social Sciences. Once his candidate was defeated, the Kremlin “ solo he has strength left, “continues the political scientist.

Vorozheikina detects that, from the beginning of the Putin’s presidencyBack in the humiliating 1990s after the disintegration of the USSR, “intense resentment” marked the behavior and political thinking of the Kremlin leader, a fact that even prevented him from showing “pragmatism“Sometimes like this. For Vorozheikina,” is not a smart policy because sooner or later he will have to assume the inevitable. ”

In addition, postponing its recognition, says the political scientist, the russian president also try to send a message on internal key to Russian citizens, at a time of loss of popularity for the Kremlin tenant and, above all, of massive protests in neighboring Belarus against elections classified as “fraudulent”. “The power wants to emphasize that, from now on, only ‘legal’ electoral victories will be recognized,” that is, sanctioned by the authorities, he concludes.



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