For almost 20 years, Russia has seen a multi-hour television spectacle featuring the Russian president Vladimir Putin answers questions that concern citizens. The carefully written program has lasted nearly five hours in some years.

But not this year. Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov has announced that the “Direct Line” has been canceled. He tells about it Tass.

The exact reason for the cancellation was not stated.

– The President has been running a “straight line” for several months. Therefore, of course, arranging a straight line this year according to the traditional concept would be unnecessary.

Moscow Times according to Peskov, he referred to several videos aimed at citizens in which Putin has announced support measures during the corona pandemic.

More than a million infections

The corona pandemic has vaccinated Russia drastically. There are more than a million infections and the country is fourth worldwide after the United States, India and Brazil. The straight line has traditionally had a lot of audience in the studio which is ill-suited to Korona time.

Putin’s popularity squatted down in the spring in a poll by the historic Levada Center, but in August it returned to pre-pandemic figures. 66 percent of Russians are satisfied with Putin’s work.

– People are happy that the uncertainty is over and the payments have come through, Levada Center analyst Denis Volkov said To Bloomberg.

He referred to the interest subsidies paid by the state to citizens.

Touching stories

Since Putin was elected president in 2001, the “Straight Line” has been held almost annually. The exceptions have been 2004 and 2012.

In the program, citizens ask the president questions that have been pre-selected. Last year, Putin told a touching story about a moment of shame and reassured regional leaders about poor water supply and access to medicines.

Putin also holds a big press conference for journalists every year. According to Peskov, “some elements of the Straight Line” will be used at a press conference in December.