President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposes an agreement that Russia will not interfere in U.S. affairs and that reciprocally, Americans will refrain from sacrificing Russian affairs.

According to US intelligence, Moscow is still trying to influence the US presidential election in just over a month Donald Trumpin in favor, in the same way as it did in the 2016 election.

Digital Non-Aggression Pact

In particular, Putin mentioned “the use of information and communication technology” in influencing the affairs of another country.

– One of the biggest strategic threats at the moment is the large-scale clash in the digital world, Putin said in a statement.

Putin also suggested that Washington and Moscow sign an agreement aimed at avoiding clashes in the digital world in advance.

This would be a similar arrangement to the 1972 agreement, which sought to reduce the likelihood of an event at sea or in the air escalating into a larger confrontation.

Professionals on the matter, politics aside

Putin added that Russia and the United States should re-establish a dialogue on international information security.

– Professionals could talk to each other. Our political differences must not stop it, Putin said.

President Donald Trump barked loudly at the FBI leader last week Christopher Wrayn, after this was said Russia will once again seek to influence the outcome of the presidential election.